April 2020 Blue Rhymez Ent. TOP 15

We’ve introduced you to many new amazing artists since February and we’ve been building a custom playlist for you to listen to. Check out our top 15 recommended songs for the month of April 2020:

15. Mc Ajb – 2020
If you’re smoking a blunt, this is what you will rock to. If you want to feel like you were getting high, this is still what you would listen to.

14. Tom Gorsich ft. Debbiah – The Waves, The Sun, The Beach
If you ever wondered how Lana Del Rey would sound doing country music, THIS is the answer.

13. Luiza Nis – Proud
Fans of Jhene Aiko’s raw lyrics and sexy allure, welcome to your new favorite artist: Luisa Niz.

12. Tom Gorsich ft. Frannie El – Boys Don’t Cry
If you like Magic’s Rude, you will love Boys Don’t Cry.

11. InderPaul Sandhu – Ring
If you miss old school hype rap songs, this one is for you.

10. Fresco Manny ft. Fresco Trey – Impatient
Did you get tired of Chris Brown and want someone who sounds like him but with his own spin on R&B voice mixed with rap attitude? THIS.

9. Erick Amador – Breathe
So Adele has not been putting out any new music recently… Welcome Erick Amador, our new favorite voice.

8. Diamente – Drive by the Moonlight (feat. Trey Guthrie and The Dirt Road Republic)
Those who vibe to Lil Nas X’s Old Town Road, will enjoy a whole lot Drive By The Moonlight.

7. Sinikka Monte – It Ain’t You
It Ain’t You offers Paramore vibes meshed with mainstream-like vocals.

6. Udit Singh Rajput – Chalte Reh
When the power and energy of a rap song transcends the language barrier and you like it anyways.

5. Fresco Trey – By My Side
The new school rap is here. Future aka Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, be gone. You won’t be missed.

4. Code 106 – Polka
Missing the 2000s rock music and realness? Us too. Good news for everyone, there is Code 106 to save us.

3. InderPaul Sandhu – Money Ain’t A Thing
Trippy sound with a soul voice and sleek rap flow, Money Ain’t A Think is worthy of your daily listen.

2. Diamente – On My 
This incredibly catchy song by Diamente will become your favorite earworm after the 1st hook.

1. Fresco Trey – Spare Me The Pain
We already know all the lyrics to this song. Can. not. get. enough. of. it.

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