Why You Should Leave 3 to 6 Months In Between Your Songs

Releasing music consistently only makes sense when you’re at the top level. When you’re barely building your fanbase, STOP. And put out music at a minimum distance of 3 months in between and a maximum of 1 year. If you release music more often than that while you’re unknown, you’re not really making an impact on anyone, you’re just burning yourself out and soon will find yourself desperate and giving up on your dreams ’cause it will feel like no matter what music you put out, it does not matter. That is because it doesn’t. And for God’s sake, do not put out albums when you can’t guarantee yourself a minimum of 1000 sales. A professional sounding album of 10 songs will usually cost around $10k. You need to sell 1k at $10 per piece to make your money BACK. Oh, and don’t you dare think you’re not spending this money just because you’re engineering the stems yourself, or because your friends agreed to play their instruments for your album. If you calculate THE TIME put in, multiply it by standard wage, you will discover that you sir, or ma’am, are actually in debt with your own self. If you’re earning less than $10k per album, you’re not a good business man and are burning through your pockets. Remember that ultimately your goal is to live off your music career! That means making the right decisions and not letting your passion take over your finances. Actually, if there’s something that separates the likes of Jay Z from the likes of every unknown rapper, is THIS. Take a pen and paper and do the actual math of your music. If it’s not adding up, you need to most likely improve your marketing. Good marketing directly translates to more fans, thus, more sales. If you lack sales, you lack fans, thus, you lack marketing.
Stay safe and stay healthy!
Blue Rhymez Ent.

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