7 Beyoncé Songs That Should Have Been Way Bigger

When I think about Beyoncé, her top famous songs are NEVER the reason why people stay following her. In a weird but successful way, Queen B managed to do independent-sounding music on a mainstream platform. The luck! And of course the years she’s put in. Here are 7 songs that true Beyoncé listeners love and that will speak to you differently than her most popular hits.

7. End Of Time

Beyoncé – End Of Time Official Video

Imagine being such a good live performer that you use THOSE audio tracks as the official song version. Phenomenal. End Of Time is a feel-good type of song and is highly energetic and contagious in the most positive way possible. It never went as big as Single Ladies but it sure deserved to.

6. Blow

Beyoncé – Blow Official Video

Ahead of its time. That’s what this song was. Too damn ahead of its time. If this video and song would have come out today in 2020, when Doja Cat is trending with Say So, THIS would have killed the charts. It probably didn’t blow up because of the very sexually explicit lyrics hidden under candy names. B, we all know what you mean when you talk about your ”Skittles in the middle” lol.

5. Mine

Beyoncé – Mine Official Music Video

When Mine came out, it literally marked the day Drake started being taken seriously by high caliber industry professionals. He had Bey co-sign his act. Who wouldn’t be treated a bit more special because of B? Drake, you lucky Canadian. But props must be given when props are deserved. He did a really good job on this track, and it was one of the last dope songs where we had the joy of witnessing the ‘innocent Drake’ as I like to call it. That higher pitched voice compared to his current God complex was just so delightful! And… the visuals are SICK!

4. Freedom

Beyoncé – Freedom Official Audio

A haunting voice with an unexpected rage and determination to reveal the truth, whatever the truth may be. If you’re on the sensitive spectrum, it is IMPOSSIBLE for you not to be moved to the core by this timeless song. Freedom came in a time when it was much needed and reflected directly the changes in the society happening at that time (The Black Lives Matter movement becoming mainstream and a global priority).

3. Forever Young


This song should have been properly recorded and launched as a single and have a dope video to it too. So good. Really good. TOO GOOD. Music doesn’t get much better than this. The instances when we get timeless songs are RARE. Forever Young is a song that can be sung by any age, any time, any place. Millenials, support this one until the end of time.

2. Daddy Lessons

Beyoncé – Daddy Lessons Official Audio

This song will make urban listeners give a second thought to country music. I know I never had jack to do with country until THIS came along on her Lemonade album and it blew away everyone’s mind. So much raw emotion, such depth in the lyrics ”He told me when he’s gone/ Here’s what you do/ When trouble comes to town/ And men like me come around/ Oh, my daddy said shoot” A father’s warning to his own daughter about men like him. Epic.

1. 6 Inch

Beyoncé – 6 Inch Official Audio

A damn masterpiece that I was expecting to see take over the nightclubs, but I guess those airy vocals towards the mid-end section of the song made it less likeable by the DJs. But my oh my, what a song! This is THE ultimate feminist anthem, THE ultimate female hustler, THE ultimate kick in the butt to get up and get that money: ”Six inch heels, she walked in the club like nobody’s business/ Goddamn, she murdered everybody and I was her witness” And the production… f*ckin’ flawless! those slightly auto-tuned hook vocals and The Weeknd’s voice over the track… GOOSEBUMPS!

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