Vortex Prison by Rezwan Ashraf, Everyone’s Mood During Covid-19

I hit play and I casually scroll through my Facebook feed while a muffled noise marks the beginning of the track. Then 13 seconds in, the drums kick along with a very determined electric guitar. At 30 seconds in, I’m still able to follow my feed while paying attention to the song in the background. And then it HAPPENED! At 01:00 I had to close my Facebook tab and close my eyes to completely immerse myself in Rezwan Ashraf’s single, Vortex Prison.

Vortex Prison Artwork

Vortex Prison is Rezwan’s 3rd instrumental release. And a memorable one at that. The instrumental overdelivers and stands alone with no need for vocals. An omnipresent feeling of rage mixed with tints of optimism and melancholy. That is what Vortex Prison feels like while listening to it, and it mirrors our global mood in the current moment. There’s a quiet-before-the-storm vibe at around between 01:18-01:33. Then that imperative, demanding-all-of-your-attention guitar sound takes the lead and doesn’t let you go until 02:23. The whole song feels like you’re having a conversation with this guitar that seems to understand you better emotionally than the overflowing online press coverage of Covid-19.
The bit between 02:23-02:37 marks a sorrowful but friendly ”monologue” that leads up to the outro of this beautiful, melodical song. Then the main theme comes front line again at 02:38 and gives us an outstanding exit from 03:10 to 03:30.
It is truly admirable the quality Rezwan has managed to produce during these difficult times. A stoic artist who instead of pausing his whole creative process because of the lockdown, he pushes forward and gets even more daring with his music.

For music, media and interviews, contact Rezwan at: https://www.rezwanashraf.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rez1.ashraf/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6f8kKpmnCmF3ifVPLW3VtA

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