Jadukor, The Thrilling Rock Magician That Will Turn You Into A Fan

I have to name this guy a magician ’cause he absolutely pulled a number on me. What started as ”let me see what’s this about” turned into ”HOLY F*KIN SH*T this is INCREDIBLE!” Today ladies and gentlemen, we’re getting to know Jadukor, a rock musician and visionary artist from New Zealand.

Jadukor – Always Yours Official Music Video

I never thought there’d come a day when I’d meet a Hopsin of Rock music. Many of you know who Hopsin is, for those who don’t, he’s pretty much the TOP underground rapper that took his career single-handedly to mainstream land. His fanbase is so loyal, so attached to him, that I believe he would outsell every major act if he went on tour. Maybe it’s the white contacts, maybe it’s this dark, crazy side of the character, or maybe just that touch of genius that made me associate the two in my mind. One thing is for sure: Jadukor has some serious tricks up his sleeve and WILL turn almost everyone watching/listening to him, into a FAN.
Always Yours is Jadukor’s first official single supported by a professional music video. ”What is the inspiration behind this song?” I proceed with my opening question; ”I think everyone in this lifetime experienced both good and bad times, both darkness and light, both love and betrayal. And after a period spent in a heavy metal band, I took the next step for myself.” Very interesting, a Yin and Yang type of dynamic into a beautifully crafted song and dashing visuals.
Now things are about to get dark. ”What does the story presented in the music video convey? As in, can you explain what’s happening and why she apparently wanted to kill her lover but your presence scared her and she gave up?” I ask, as I want 100% clarity on what I’ve seen over 7 times about now. Accordingly, I get this answer: ”The story illustrates a serial killer who lures others to fall in love, and afterwards, goes for the coup de grâce: betrayal. She wanted to kill her lover because that’s what she does in essence, and the reason she got scared, once she saw Jadukor’s spirit, is she did the same exact thing with him and seeing him suddenly, freaked her out and she feared she might face her karma.” Now everything makes sense! I totally get it. However, I want to mention a most curious thing Jadukor revealed without probably realizing: I asked him directly, addressing the question in 2nd person, and he answered in 3rd person. I like that. You know why? That means, whoever this artist is in actuality (no, I don’t know that myself either), has a very clear, separate image of his character versus his real-life persona.


While I’m continuing my investigation on Jadukor’s craft, I must admit that the song is in fact, FIRST-CLASS quality: meaning + catchy hook + dope music. And that is huge bonus points in my book. Writing songs is easy. Writing catchy songs is harder. Writing catchy songs with substance: the recipe of true masters.
Now let’s address that incredibly detailed body paint art he got going, ’cause I for one, haven’t seen anyone else pull off something similar any recent: ”The whole makeup process took over 2 and a half hours. I chose black and white as main colors for their timelessness. Plus, I have always been a fan of magicians and masked artists.’‘ – a visionary. An original concept with a creative mind behind it. We stan true artists.
As usual, I always dig deeper than most publications because I want to bring you stuff no one else even dares to touch: ”Who paid for the mix, master, and video production?” to which I get an honest, unfiltered answer: ”It was completely self-funded and I’m also an audio engineer who knows a bit about mixing and mastering.” Thank you Jadukor! Thank you for keeping it real and for sharing the truth with us, because more artists need to know and realize that YOU fund YOUR career. Even those who claim otherwise, they LIE. They may not be paying for their music videos NOW, but when those sales come in, the label will take their expenses out with ADDED INTEREST.
Some fun fact about Always Yours?” I ask amused, ”My makeup scared a LOT of people because It was a forrest & hiking range on a weekend, so there were lots of people & families that came with kids” shares Jadukor. That must have been a sight to see!

Now that we’ve covered all the aspects of Always Yours, let’s get to know the person behind the makeup: ”For how long have you been in the music business as a solo act? Any prior related projects?”, and J(my new nickname for him) goes to share his beginnings with us: ”This is my first project as a solo act and yet, I’ve been in the music business for over 13 years. As a matter of fact, I had multiple musical projects back in Bangladesh.” 13 whole years! that my dear readers, translates to TONS of experience and hands-on preparation for a successful music career.
Why the anonimity?” I ask, to which J says: ”Jadukor, the magician, wears the mask to give his audience a better show” – wow, spoken like a true performer. ”So… how do you plan on getting your name out there with this very secretive identity?” I have to mention this as I know how tedious and difficult it is for all musicians to get past the industry gates. Jadukor, however, is not worried: ”Yes, I know it is hard. But… with the help of social media and other dedicated platforms, I’m pretty sure I will be able to reach plenty of people. Furthermore, I’ll just continue doing what I’m doing and have hope for things going smoothly.” And rightfully so. When you’ve got THIS much talent, vision, skills, determination, dedication AND awareness… hard for me NOT to believe in you Jadukor!


I’m very curious about something that I’m assuming, comes by default with a secret identity: ”Do you make people you work with, sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) in order to protect the brand image?”, and funnily enough, J simply says ”Yes, I do.” well now you spoke like a business man: short, cold, and to the point. Gotta love a good work ethic.
What’s the biggest mental challenge for you as a musician and how do you cope with it?”, J, fortunately, goes into plenty of details: ”Honestly? Being confident enough to release music. I have waited 7 years to release new music. Sometimes you need a push from your close ones to overcome a challenge, in my case, that was made possible by my better half and a couple of close friends.
”Random word of advice to those reading this right now?” as I want you, my Blue Rhymez family, to learn from every artist’s life experience and wisdom. Jadukor leaves us with this golden nugget: ”Please save the artists. It’s you, the listeners, that can make a difference by streaming legally, subscribing to the artist’s channel and buying the music.” J means business. And you and me, gotta respect that.

Support Jadukor’s music journey by subscribing to his YouTube Channel HERE, by adding him to your Amazon Music Playlist HERE, by following him on Instagram HERE, and by liking him on Facebook HERE. Also, make sure you add him to your Spotify Playlist below:

Interview conducted by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment ©2020

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