10 Emotions You Can Easily Write Songs About (part 2)

In Part 1 (which you can read right HERE), we’ve covered 10 appreciable subjects that will have you inspired right away. Today, we’re offering you a 2nd list of 10 incredible emotions that will get your gears turning before you’re even done reading this article (with concrete, successful songs as reference points). Get a pen and paper and start writing now the best songs you’ve put out yet!

10. Gratitude

The panacea of depressed people: feeling grateful. If there’s one key ingredient to dissipating personal frustration and despair, it’s acknowledging that you’re actually in a better place than many other people in this world. If you are reading this article right now, it means you have an electronic device AND an internet connection. If you’re also lucky to have a family, food, decent health, and clothes, you’re so much ahead of those unfortunate souls. Summon your deepest gratitude into inspiring rhymes and help others feel the same hope. Because when you’re thankful for what you have, hope increases.

9. Pride

This feeling is a fun and empowering one. Even if you’re in a less than ideal situation, go back mentally to a point in your life when you felt invincible and channel that energy into raw bars, crazy vocals, and a genuine jolt of enthusiasm about what you’ve achieved so far. Be proud of yourself. You deserve it.

8. Acceptance

There’s power in knowing exactly who you are, where you’re from, and where you’re going. This infinite resource of personal strength is called Identity. If you’ve spiritually grown, regardless of your age, to the point where you can accept yourself wholeheartedly, please share your journey with your listeners and strive to inspire others to do the same as well. If we were all honest about our shortcomings and imperfections, the world would actually be, damn near perfect.

7. Affection

Towards any particular person. Affection can range from your mother and father to your first teacher and mentor. These are usually songs that make you feel very warm on the inside and the only thing missing when vibing to such tracks, is a cup of hot chocolate and a blanket. Share your positivity with the world.

6. Admiration

Admiration is, often, more intricate than love. When you admire someone, usually you can pinpoint the exact reasons. It’s easy for admiration to turn into love, but never the opposite. So dig in your memories, in who’s been the one person you’ve always looked up to? Who you always wished to be like? Who are you quoting in your mind when in trouble? Put all of those feelings and reasons down on paper.

5. Altruism

Feeling particularly enraged against the BS that’s going on in the world? great! describe how you feel, what you’d change, what is bothering you, what are the questions you’d like authorities to answer, what you wish everyone would realize, so forth and so on. These meaningful songs have a special place in the listener’s heart. And yours too. You’ll never regret having written this type of masterpiece.

4. Meditation

If you’ve kept a diary in the past, it’s high time you opened it and got inspired. Reflective thoughts, deep reasoning, and remarkable revelations, all make highly impactful material for songwriting. These songs will also be a timeline of your personality and personal growth. Cheaper than therapy too.

3. Happiness

Easy in the top 3 easiest things to write about. Thing is, happiness is so relative and so subjective, that it would be a shame to box it in ”smiles”, ”pink”, and ”champagne”. What’s happiness to your best friend, may not be what happiness is for you. Expand on what makes YOUR happiness unique, what caused it, how you treasure this feeling, and how you’re gonna make sure it becomes a lasting memory.

2. Euphoria

In simple words: happiness to a 100. When your entire being is almost beyond this physical realm and nothing can touch you or distract you. Some get it from the andrenaline rush, others from achieving something incredibly difficult, and some from… you know… substances. Whatever your euphoric source is, don’t be selfish and share the emotional outcome with your listeners too.

1. Desire

As you’ve noticed, we didn’t include love in our list because it’s just too overrated in songwriting. However, we’re declaring ‘desire’ as the top emotion to write about. Desire is funny, in a sense that you could want something badly until you actually get a taste of it, and are left completely disappointed. It could be a desire for having taken another decision in your past, or a desire for a better life and circumstances, a desire for being socially included in the higher ranks, a desire for getting the money and the fame as a musician. And of course, a desire for another human being.

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