The 7 People Whose Opinion Actually Matters In Your Music Career

We know, you badly want to convince as many people as possible of your greatness, uniqueness, and worthiness. And that’s fine. But how do you react when some sh°thead sh°ts on your parade and GOES IN on how terrible your new song is? How do you know whether to take it as constructive criticisim or straight hate? We’ll share with you today the 7 people whose opinion is actually valid and ESSENTIAL in your music career.

7. The Blunt Sibling

And by that we mean that one sibling (or any blood-related person) who is actually not going gaga over your grand projects and does not fantasize about you becoming a star. The one sibling who honestly, couldn’t care less whether you become a welder or a musician. The one who is sincerely, deeply, scarily unimpressed with what you do. If this sounds counterintuitive, hear this out: everyone that cares about NOT hurting your feelings, will NEVER tell you the blunt truth of how badly you suck. They will sugar coat any harsh opinions they have and will keep to themselves the ”blah” things about your music. You actually need to reach out to that mean cousin, or brother, and be like ”yo, I need to know your take on this. Please”. And they will DELIVER! They will roast whatever it is they don’t like and tell you things THE WAY THEY ARE. Take that criticism, see if you can see it from their point of view, if you agree with them, and improve your next songs!

6. The Music Afficionado

This is the type of gal/guy that knows every single damn song on Billboard Top 100 and almost every artist’s life story and biography. They make you wonder why the heck they’re not in the music industry since they love it so much. These people are the ones who are sharing new songs, new music videos, new soundtracks on their social media and always proclaim their fondness for some artist. They wake up to music, eat to music, and go to sleep with music in their earbuds. And funnily enough, because they have been exposed FOR SO LONG to a whole lot of music, they got a very trained ear in picking up a hit vs knowing this song will never make the cut. Reach out and express how valuable their input would be to you and if they could give you 5 minutes of their time to listen to your song and give you honest feedback on it. You won’t regret it!

5. The Curator

The one whose job is to tell bad songs from good songs, hit songs from soundcloud demos, quality songs from basement songs. His/her job is to find the new talent to bet on and get everyone else on board too. These are the people behind those highly envied Spotify Playlists and Pitchfork featured articles. If you’re lucky enough to know such an individual, step forward boldy and confidently and when they’ll hit you with the NO1, NO2, NO3, ask them WHY? ”why do you think the bass should be deeper on this track?”, ”why do you say that the words don’t fit the rhythmic pattern?”, ”why you suggest I should cut the song shorter?”. You will be SHOCKED at how MANY details go into making a hit song that you didn’t even know EXISTED. Good luck!

4. The DJ

Our most beloved and hated DJs… The ones in charge of actually including your song into their set and bringing it flawlessly to the masses. You need to pick and choose your DJ very carefully. A trance DJ will NOT give you the needed feedback on RAP music. A pop DJ will NOT tell you how to balance your ROCK drums properly, etc. You got the idea. Find a DJ that plays music similar to yours, and get on their good side. Who knows, in time you might even ask him/her to include your song into their Tuesday nights and see how the crowd receives it. Be nice to them!

3. The Videographer

You might be asking yourself ”but… what does HE have to do with music?” oh but they do… more than you think. A music videographer is like a visual curator. They have worked on MANY music videos, some of which succeeded, and most of which flopped. They KNOW when they encounter that SPECIAL something, they can feel it, smell it, see it. Most video directors have the unique gift of seeing stuff in their mind when listening to a good song. They love to imagine how they’d bring that song to real life. So if your videographer says your song ain’t it, trust him.

2. The Long-time Collaborator

This is someone who has known you for ages. Someone with whom you have developed and evolved in tandem. He/she knows your first demos, first live shows, first radio placement, first music video, first collab with another artist etc. He might be another artist, a music producer, a booking agent, an entertainment lawyer, whoever really. The essence though is that THIS person has witnessed your musical GROWTH and EVOLUTION. So he will know when you’re slipping back into your comfort zone or au contraire, when you’re being too risky and are trying to please the masses. Keep this very special person by your side at all times and take care of your relationship with them. No one will ever understand you as well as him/her.

1. Your Inner Critic

Sweet inner voice… That little bug of a voice that keeps you up at night and tells you constantly you should have recorded the 2nd verse again because your breath on the 4th line was too short. That voice that makes you cringe hardly when you listen to the mastered version and you KNOW you could have done better. Learn to LISTEN to this voice because this is your BRAIN! your precious brain who has picked up on the DOs and DONTs from the music and songs around you and is now guiding you to make SUCCESSFUL songs. DO NOT IGNORE YOUR INNER CRITIC. That little voice is more often right than not. It will be hard for you to accept it and listen to it because in the beginning, it’s telling you that everything you’re doing is sh°tty. And she’s right. BUT! If you tackle all those issues one by one, you will actually come to create THE BEST songs you could have possibly created in your lifetime. You will find that you have to fix your flow, your verses, your words, your tempo, your accent, your technique, your voice, your instrumentals, your postproduction effects etc. It it truly the work of a lifetime but if you honestly want it, you WILL get to PERFECTION.

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