Exclusive: Chris Crack on his White People Love Algorithms Album

In the independent sphere of upcoming artists, Chris Crack doesn’t need much of an introduction. Reviewed by the likes of Billboard, with over 40.000 monthly listeners on Spotify, under Pitchfork’s radar, and featured even in the XXL Mag, Chris is at a sweet spot in his rap career that many artists would instantly switch places for. After literally an insane amount of songs released within the last 5 years, Chris Crack hit the industry with White People Love Algorithms, a well-rounded project that you will find very polarizing and abstract enough to make you feel uncomfortable and yet, entertaining to keep you hooked from the Don’t Be A Vic intro to the We Just Wanted To Dream outro song.

Chris Crack

Note 1: To those reading this interview who are artists themselves, I want you to notice how you can learn something with almost every answer Chris gives us.

B.R.E.: Speaking of White People Love Algorithms, can you detail the message you wanted to portray with this project?
Chris Crack: I feel like, since white people know everything and have the whole universe solar system and galaxy figured out, then how is this (pandemic) happening right now. I mean lets be real, people knew something this was gonna happen, oh wait! you mean to tell me the algorithms didn’t show you this?? FOH
Note 2: No sugarcoating or political corectness. This is what a memorable, authentic answer sounds like.

B.R.E.: I’ve noticed all songs last between 1 min and 2 min. Also even 5 years back, you still released tracks under 2 minutes, something that was not really a thing until much more recently. Why? 
Chris Crack: I BEEN tryna change the game w/ streams ever since finding out how little you’re paid per stream. It’s like… Why give you 3 or 4 min when I’m being paid for 20 seconds (not even) not to mention that’s when I started noticing people’s attention spans were getting shorter. 
Note 3: An artist who is aware that this is music BUSINESS and that things have to make sense in the time invested vs financial return ratio.

B.R.E.: Your songs don’t really abide by any format. Was that intentional from the get-go? 
Chris Crack: My thing has always been: “its YOUR music, do it YOUR way.” -There’s no rules in music. That’s why that cookie cutter shit be dumpster juice.
Note 4: NO rules for artistry and genuine music.

B.R.E.: Can you talk about Social Distancing? It stood out as an unexpected interlude.
Chris Crack: You used the word unexpected to describe it. That’s why it’s on there. I also couldn’t pass up the opportunity to remind people to stay inside if you hating.

B.R.E.: How did you pick the music for this album? What was your criteria?
Chris Crack: There’s never a format or criteria, we just listen to ’em and the songs kinda direct us. S/O to SkyHigh the A&R also.
Note 5: The appropiate shout out insertion while acknowledging others as part of the path to success, is truly masterfully done here.

B.R.E.: The whole project feels like a soundtrack to a movie. What would be the synopsis of that movie?
Chris Crack: The movie would be about my life: pimp shit, gangsta shit, love at first intuition, a story about buns, titty milk, cookies, and mild sauce on my home button.
Fun note: We were not ready for all this imagery. A music video maybe would clarify things or… traumatize us.

Chris Crack

B.R.E.: What was the pivotal moment when you decided that THIS is what you’re gonna do?
Chris Crack: White van music. Hands down. That’s when I knew. How it came together might be the most organic thing ever.

B.R.E.: Looking back, how did the quality of your first songs change compared to the current material you’re putting out?
Chris Crack: Anything from Freeswag (2013) to now, is timeless art. Period.
Note 6: Apparently Kanye is not the only one certain of his greatness. And yet this type of comments spark enough interest from the audience, almost like a challenge. And then you find yourself listening to the whole album beginning to agree with the incredibly cocky statement.

B.R.E.: How do you make sure your fans stay interested in you?
Chris Crack: I just remain myself, it singles me out from all the f*ckboys lol!
Note 7: If you permit yourself to talk like that about other artists, better make sure your music and craftsmanship can BACK IT UP.

B.R.E.: What do you wish more upcoming artists were aware of? 
Chris Crack: How much work this actually takes. There are too many people w/ talent but absolutely no work ethic.
Note 8: can we say PREACH!!! Yes, I absolutely mean all the YouTube cover artists thinking they’ll get ”saved” while they don’t have a clue how to put an original song together.

B.R.E.: If you could give ONE advice to your younger self, what would it be and why? 
Chris Crack: I probably wouldn’t change a thing. It made me who I am.

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Interview conducted by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment ©2020

Reach us at: contact@bluerhymezentertainment.com

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