For American Artists: This Is How You Become Rich and Famous FAST!

When I moved to the States in 2012, to my stupor, I discovered that 99% of American artists are NOT aware of how they are viewed by European countries. And that there’s that 1% who is making a KILLING doing music abroad. But they keep it shush. They won’t come to you telling you how much they’re actually earning in Europe ’cause then if the secret gets found out, there’ll be more competition for them! And who wants to work more to earn less, huh? But no worries, we got you covered.

Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

You see, if you are American, just based off that ONE FACTOR ALONE, you have an enormous advantage over any given European artist. Why? Cause you guys created MTV, Billboard, BET, VH1, all of the music trends after the European rock wave died out and by consequence, the American product is put on a pedestal at all times. You could sincerely be the most average singer, rapper, dj in one of the 50 states, BUT… the moment you open your mouth and foreigners hear that American accent, almost any damn door will open to you. Just like that. Let me give you a couple of real-life examples. Note: Had to change names to avoid legal trouble as these individuals are very well-known in the industry.
Example number 1: Derek bought a Pioneer turntable in his college years and gave it a try being a Dj in some Miami clubs. Things did not work out for the best as he was nothing exceptional and didn’t have the right connections. He also had a baby in the meantime and sh*t really hit the fan. Before selling the turntable and giving up on music altogether, he decided to go to a festival in Germany and just see what happens. Lo and behold, Derek comes back just to get the rest of his gear and moves permanently to Berlin where he is booked every single day of the month and paid handsomely for it too. Enough to cut fat child support checks AND have his own life in order in Berlin.
Example number 2: Michael is a faded rapper in the States. His agents can not manage to book him ANYTHING in America, so they’re only left with Europe. They give it a shot and to everyone’s shock, Michael discovers Eastern Europeans are hardcore fans of his music and he’s able to pack club after club, venue after venue. Major reason being a historical one that plenty of American rappers are not even aware of: ”Among the vast regions of the world that hip-hop has touched are the recently-war-torn Southeastern European nations”. Yes, these people had a whole lot of conflicts and little to no freedom. They had to fight for their homes, for their language, for their culture, so the only genre that was as in-your-face as these people’s inner attitude was RAP MUSIC. Don’t be shocked when a so-called 3rd world country has huge graffiti of Biggie and Tupac on bus stops and schools while Americans have long moved on. I’ll leave the following video as proof:

Example number 3: Ryan, was a one time hit wonder producer in US. Didn’t score nothing great since the early 00’s. He finds out about this singing contest that Europeans host every year: Eurovision. So he makes a couple of demos and pitches them over. Literally overnight, he gets not only accepted but a whole 1st class treatment to Europe included, a 5-star hotel free stay and is greeted with the limo at the airport and treated as the rarest human specimen alive, that’s how precious he is to them. He writes a mediocre song of course. However, being an American catapulted the European singer he wrote for, to a lot of media attention and the girl classifies in the top 3 winners that year. From that collaboration alone, he gets other requests to write for Eurovision participants every year since.
Example number 4: Miley is a corny rapper in US. Got a couple thousands of followers on IG, some decent music videos but just can not for the life of her, reach to the top. So Miley takes an European agent’s advice and relocates to Romania where she starts doing collabs and features with Romanian stars who have MILLIONS of followers and star power. Back home Miley is a nobody. Here however, she is a star. She ain’t leaving any soon.
Example number 5: Rob dabbed in US both in pop and rap music. Didn’t succeed in either. He falls in love with a British girl, he then follows her there and puts together an EP of 4 songs and all of a sudden, the labels are knocking his door and not only he gets to tour and sing, he also gets his own reality tv show, talk show AND a hotter girlfriend.

What I want you to understand is that there is plenty of money literally waiting for you, the American artist, to just go and take it. Get out of your bubble. There’s a reason Whiz Khalifa made it outside US first, and only later returned home. There’s also a reason why Tekashi 6ix9ine got his first record deal with an EASTERN-EUROPEAN label who gave him money to put his first music videos together. Some of these A listers started with money from 3rd world countries and built their way to the top because it was much easier than back home where everyone looks, talks, acts, and sings like you. Get bold and move outside US. You will be shocked how valuable you are to every other nation just because you are an American. You are in the most possible favorable position in the world to actually MAKE IT and make it BIG!!!

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