Contagious by DoddaDaSavage, The Perfect Response To Politicians After The Lockdown

Warning: this song is not for the faint of heart. And with that being said, I’m glad that Tekashi 6ix9ine is not the only MF-er in the world doing hardcore rap. DoddaDaSavage is THAT: A SAVAGE. This IDGAF attitude is perfectly reflected in both the lyrics and the beat. And the whole mix takes the crown: perfect distortion levels, deep bass, nicely EQ-ed vocals without being overbearing. It is truly difficult to put together a nice ”scream” rap production, so when I come across unique talent like DoddaDaSavage, I gotta give props where props are deserved.

While you may feel uncomfortable first and feel like DoddaDaSavage is instigating violence, I’m here to help you navigate this track without feeling like an accomplice to the negativity going on in this world right now, while appreciating the light touch of electro crunk taking us back to the late ’00s.
The chorus goes: ”Move, u got corona!/ Move, u got corona! (bitch)/ Damn you so contagious/ Damn you so contagious (Shit)/ If they do the coughing/ I’ma get to killin shit/ Smoke ya like a stoner/ smoke ya like stona (bitch)” – now I want you to think of all the people that have been hurt in this world by the inappropriate response many political leaders in the world applied. Some countries did non take it seriously enough while others (hi Italian government!) took it too far leading to lots of suicides, unemployment, hatred, and literally, hunger. So the perfect scenario for this aggressive song would be imagining these clowns (aka politicians) coming to you for votes and you yell back in ther f*ckin’ faces to stay the f*ck away from you ’cause they got the Covid19. Wether that’s true or not, it’s not my damn business and I sure as hell am not going to give you my vote while you, from your mansion, made me go hungry between 4 walls during the lockdown, and you’ve also let the economy go down in flames with a lot of promises and no action.
The Midas touch of the chorus is representing the song’s essence in those few sentences. The rest of the track includes lyrics like: ”Yeah that hate/ You keep on spreadin’ it/ So No/ I am not catching it/ damn that hate/ Be contagious bitch” – hate is contagious and hate is the reason we in deep sh*t right now. On a lighter note, I highly recommend blasting this into your ears while boxing. You’ll be much more efficient 😀

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  1. Thank you for the support this really means alot to me 💪 and seems like you really understand the songs message as well . Big Shout Out To Blue Rhymez y’all are awesome. 💯

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