F*ck Love by Ali X, A Modern Rap Take On The Oldest Issue In Human History

With a pristine mix, a well-produced beat, and an undeniable flow, Ali X brings F*ck Love to the table as a contemporary rap take on sentimental problems like trust issues, accountability, and love vs. money. Everyone that had to build themselves back up after a roughly-ended relationship, that had to find the inner strength to move on while still keeping their moral compass alive, this song is for YOU.

Ali X Fuck Love Official Audio

Been a while since I’ve been in the booth/ Got no time to take a breather, I got something to prove / Swear put my heart in this cause I got nothing to lose / Just cause you treat me like a rookie that don’t mean that I’m new” – raps Ali X, marking the start of F*ck Love. A very mature tone, a seriousness and gravity in his voice that add a dark facet to the overall song, despite the piano notes being very airy and soft.
Keeping his straightforwardness, Ali X proceeds to say: ”I can’t give a bitch my heart cause I’ve been hurt/ I can’t trust a soul, you the reason I don’t love no more/ Got me wrapped around ya finger, you got full control/ Tell me why I hate you but I never wanna tell you no/ You the one that taught me/ I can never save a hoe/ But I keep running back/ Like I never learned it tho” A rather vivid description of a toxic romance. The type that you know it won’t do you any good but you can’t let go.
With a smooth delivery and a constant, firm flow, Ali X manages to bring up intimate details with a lucidity that makes you feel as if you’re eavesdropping on someone’s therapy session: ”I ain’t into breaking hearts/ cause I know karma’s a bitch/ World on my shoulders/ Need to get some sh*t off my chest/ Baby girl listen up/ I don’t mean disrespect/ But if you don’t love the grind/ You don’t got love for the vet/ Baby why you never listen?/ Why my problems never big enough?”
There are plenty of quotable lyrics in F*ck Love, amongst which the most memorable ones are: ”F*ck your words/ Let your actions speak”, ”nowadays it feel like these bitches come with a price tag”, ”Cause a dollar just a dollar/ Only God can make you prosper n*gga”, ”Can’t prosper if u don’t put in work/ Can’t appreciate the good if you never been hurt”. These are wisdom words from a man that seems to have been through more than just his fair share of tough turns in life.
We have to mention as well Ali X’s breath control. Not a single muffled sentence or incomprehensible word. After 2 listens you can already start rapping along with him. A quality that is common usually only for the top of the line.
The beauty of F*ck Love is that you won’t feel the 3 minutes passing by. No hook, no bridge, no repeating elements, but you keep listening and analyzing the words Ali X is spitting that before you know it, you hear the last notes of piano and a doleful silence towards the end.

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Review by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment ©2020

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