Blame By Tyler Hepworth, A Contemporary Dark Pop Masterpiece

The haunting intro comes in calmly, presenting the current impact the break-up has had on the artist’s soul: “You shouldn’t have walked away/ From my broken heart/ you made it hard now/ There’s nothing else I can say/ You have taken my dreams/ cut down my knees”. Blame is the perfect 2020 doleful pop song that mirrors both a personal state and a worldly mood of living dark days.

I want to start by focusing on the voice mix, as it marvelously stands out while still fitting the musical arrangement of Blame. That phone-like voice filter is very satisfactorily intercalated with the overall melancholic vibe of the song (think of The Hills by The Weeknd). And let’s talk about that delicate flute trailing in the background. A truly phenomenal composition!
After the wistful intro, Tyler Hepworth goes to sing: “there is no other way/ you have got to leave now/ you’re the one to blame”, taking a relatively unexpected turn, by absolving himself of the responsibility of the failed relationship and bluntly redirecting it towards the deceitful lover, something we very much like.
You said you would need me/ don’t try to deceive me/ you’re making me feel like I’m alone/ I don’t wanna lose you/ but baby I’m close to/ please tell me that you’re not going home” sings Tyler as the epicurean sound of the acoustic guitar leads the instrumental into the 2nd part of the song. Again, Tyler splendidly lets free his vulnerability while keeping his composure and clear judgement about the relationship, “I know that I need to work on me/ I’m crying on the floor/ I’m down on my knees/ You said that you wanted me for life/ but all that you said they were nothing but lies”. An adult vision on love issues.
From 01:38 up until 02:13 we enjoy an audible experience of the instruments alone, then we get Tyler’s soothing voice building up the ending of Blame: “I’m giving up on love/ No more I’ve had enough/ I’m giving up on love/ My heart is fading to/ Dust and ash and fog/ My time is coming up/ Leaving behind what I know/ Because the pain is too much”.
A most captivating feature is the lack of format while still hypnotizing the listener for all of its 3 minutes and 21 seconds.
Make sure you add Blame to your music playlist on Amazon HERE, on Apple Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, and on Spotify below:

Review by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment ©2020

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