Venice Beach By Razrfish, Alternative Hip Hop For Art Lovers

Razrfish is one of those artists that leave you guessing with everything they do. Starting with EP name, Gypsy Motor Supply, continuing to the song title, Venice Beach, and on to the cover art itself that depicts a shark-headed man playing an electric guitar, Razrfish exudes fine art and sets high expectations for what one is about to experience. Because Venice Beach is an alternative hip-hop trip, it is to be felt, not just heard.

Razrfish starts off the song with a most peculiar choice for his vocal register: a colorful mix between his head voice and chest voice, as some call it – he’s in that mixed voice area. “Baby, we’re cruising down the street/ Why don’t you grab your friends/ And meet us at Venice Beach” – an opening that equals the neon colors that make the background for our singing shark. A very jazzy, organic feeling is carried on by the instrumental, emphasizing the summer vibes of Venice Beach. Think of Black Eyed Peas Don’t Lie, same alternative, expensive hip-hop type of song, one of those bops that cool kids rock with when rolling a blunt.

Razrfish then goes to lay the basis for an exciting story with the following bars: “It’s stupendous we in Venice and I love it/ Got humongous joints and we’re burning them in public/ Skatin’ to the park as I float along the pavement/ Listenin’ to music with perfect arrangement”. With a fun, transparent message, we’ve understood by now that Venice Beach is all about those good times. Curious how Razrfish’s rap voice is hugely different during the verses than on the hook. We only get about 2/3 snippets of the bridge between the two, one at 01:02, when he rap-sings “Let go of what was ’cause”, and the second at 02:15 when he says “be all that you can be”.

The clever union between the retro-ish instrumental and the classy vocals, turns Venice into a musical creation that is able to withstand the test of time. You wouldn’t be able to tell if this song was created 40 years ago or today, with the likes of Doja Cat, The Weeknd, Daft Punk, and Dua Lipa heavily bringing back the ’80s sound.

There are some hidden gems in Venice Beach that deserve special attention: “Today is the beginning of the rest of your life”, a philosophical thought, “While we sit and buy some knick knacks/ I play the guitar, sing, and I also kick raps”, a light showoff moment, “I love how I grow no longer know lonely”, and a self-acceptance statement.

If you’re in need of a summer companion, Venice Beach will be a delight for you, filling up spaces in your mind that you’ll indulge in. And equally, if your summer is getting a bit boring, put your headphones on, close your eyes and you’ll be floating along the pavement 🙂

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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