Free Ride by Jodie-Joy, A Superb Modern Blues Song

Jodie-Joy couldn’t have chosen a better name for herself as she exudes absolute confidence, a zest for life’s lessons, and impressive vocal mastery in her newest single, Free Ride. It is one of those songs that is best enjoyed with a glass of wine and a diamond necklace on. Rich organic sounds with a slight taste of retro vibes, an empowering message for all women, and a goosebumps-inducing voice, Free Ride will sneakily grow on you with every sung word.

With the very first “hey”, Jodie sets the tone for what’s waiting on you for the next 3 minutes: a most pulsing, energetic voice that will take you on a luxurious music ride. If you enjoy Rachel Stevens, Estelle, Natasha Bedingfield, Natalie Imbruglia, you will adore Jodie-Joy. As we move along, Jodie-Joy makes her introduction: “I’ve been playing at it/ Ever since I, I can remember/ Working smarter these days/ No and not just harder/ ‘Cause with you by my side/ Everything seemed to be falling right into my hands/ Head on my shoulders/ No strings to pull/ I felt that love”, sparkling notes of a romantic relationship intercalated with her own work ethic. A curious dynamic that she abides by moving closer to the pre-chorus: “Even if I failed/ I got back up/ I got back up (yeah)/ Drying off my eyes/ I felt that love, love, love”, remarkable being how Jodie-Joy channels her romantic defeats into personal motivation.

As we hit the chorus, my oh my, what a voice! This woman efortlessly hits all those notes from her chest voice and basks in vocal confidence! And let’s talk for a second about that leading organ sound mixed with the electric guitar! When was the last time you actually heard a great-sounding, modern song with the emphasis on the organ? how about… not in the last 20 years at least? This is a remarkable feature that makes Free Ride a complex composition to be appreciated by music lovers and music professionals alike. With that being said, Jodie-Joy shifts her focus completely on the money-making, hard-working woman she is during the chorus: “No free ride baby/ No easy ticket lady/ You gotta work for your money/ You gotta work that/ Work that!”.

The second verse is phenomenal, giving us some serious food for thought: “Appreciate the messy road that you make/ It’s those mistakes that make us great/ Life can be all that you want it to be/ You learn/ You fall/ You love” – finally a talented artist loving herself for who she becomes in time rather than beating herself up over it. Also, pay attention to those beautifully-layered back vocals that harmonize with the main lead voice. Such a vocal fest for the listener ❤

Jodie-Joy is a great woman to listen to, and outstanding singer to vibe to, and an astute writer to rock with. Make sure you add Free Ride to your playlist on Apple Music HERE, on Google Play HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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