Wake Up by Brandon Jones(B), A Stellar Soul-Pop Song

Our use of soul before pop was intentional, as Wake Up by Brandon Jones (you’ll find him as simply “B”) is by production standards, a pop tune, but by lyricism and message – a soul record. Your jaw will be on the floor for a minute or two btw. It’s one of those songs that makes you do a double-take and wonder if maybe you’re the one that missed it when it went number one on Billboard?

With imposing, slightly petrifying choir voices humming together in the beginning, Wake Up feels like you’re about to be told a secret kept for decades, like you’re about to learn the truth now. And in a certain way, that’s what happens when Brandon starts his intro monologue, but only after that sweet piano, ironically, amplifies the gravitas vibes you’re getting. “Look, look what we’ve done, I can’t believe all the damage we’ve caused, watching the earth slip away from humanity. Are you listening? There’s something going on in the world today. Are you listening?
It’s too late now do what you’re told and follow their way
” SHEESH! You know what’s really going to freak you out? This song was written in 2016. How about THAT? On a technical note, Brandon impressively manages to sing the unrhymed intro, making it sound as if it was part of the song already.

Before we get to hear the chorus, read this: “They spraying something in the air can you feel it? we’re all infected and it’s none of they business, how can they protect us if they’re against us?” Brandon HOW? how did you know about the virus 4 years ago??? I might have to start studying all of your songs in order to survive this history-in-the-making 😀

As B hits the chorus, all you can do is absorb his voice and suave delivery! “It’s time, it’s time to wake up/ You’re blind got your eyes wide shut/ It’s about that time/ we make a stand and raise our voice/ it’s the rule of life/ all we need is love” Brandon has that type of vocal control and flexibility that we used to have in the 2000s from the likes of Jay Sean and Chris Brown before he turned into a vandal. Brandon Jones unveils his versatile singing skills throughout the entire record and notably manages to enhance the instrumental with it!

When listening to the following verse, you’re mesmerized by this charming voice that reverberates the universal truth we’re living these days, this very monumental 2020 that impacted every single human life: “Got technology zombies/ On our streets killing youths/ Our Gov is full of lies/ They cover up the truth/ Take away your freedom/ And tell you they for you” Artists like Brandon are one in a million: deep message, appealing voice, great production, catchy song. In many circumstances, one is predominant while the others are sort of muffled together. In this case, though, I don’t know if B realizes he has the ABSOLUTE best of ALL ingredients to become a bonafide music star.

We also get treated to a rap verse by the collaborating artist, T3ddy ‘N JuJu: “y’all livin’ luxury/ we livin’ in pain/ Been takin our rights/ we livin’ in Chains/ feelin’ of shame/ going insane” to quote some of his attention-grabbing thoughts.

Wake Up is a profound, soul-grasping, once-in-a-lifetime pop song. I can barely find the words to accurately describe the high caliber record Brandon Jones has put together for the rest of the world. In a perfect world where all artists have the same opportunities, Wake Up would have been a hit record.

Make sure you’re appreciating true good music by adding Wake Up to your playlist on Deezer HERE, on Apple Music HERE, on Google Play HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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