Damn by Boonkey, A Fun Hip Hop Record That Celebrates The Female Body

When a male artist puts together a professional production for a song that idolizes the female body, I am all for recognizing the value in it. Boonkey is the hip hop artist whose fiery, enthusiastic single Damn, acknowledges the gorgeousness of women’s shape. There are 2 major reasons why you’re gonna love this record: he respectfully details his fascination with curves, and secondly, he used a real woman to portray his ideals in the music video.

The one auditive element that will snatch your attention instantaneously is that huge “damn!” ad-lib in the background, as it is the unmistakeable GIF moment where Chris Tucker and Ice Cube are impressed, to say the least 😀 The scene is from the classic movie, Friday.

The hook is a bonafide earworm that is super easy to follow and sing along: “That girl gon’ blow yo mind/ She coke bottle body fine (Damn!)”. Boonkey’s voice is pleasant to the ears, most likely a tenor, and with a freshness about it that lightens the whole track, mirroring the admiration he got for the women’s derriere 😉

Lil momma bad you see that ass/ turn around one mo’ time so I can see that ass (You see that ass)/ Big ol’ round big booty/ she’s a cutie/ and it’s my duty/ to approach her and holla like I’m auditioning for a movie” – as a woman, I got to say that if men spoke like this to their sweethearts more often, we’d have happier couples and a lower divorce rate. Dear guys reading this article, take notes from Boonkey and don’t hold back in complimenting your woman’s good-looking back. She’ll be more grateful than you think.

The production is high-quality, with the vocals being clean, all-natural, immaculately fitting the beat, layered in the right places to emphasize specific words, and on pitch, which is most impressive considering many hip hop artists think of this style being as spoken word. And they couldn’t have been more wrong. If you can adapt your so-called speaking voice to the instrumental’s key, subconsciously your record will click harder and faster with the audience.

Damn is a modern, updated, 2020 sequel of Bubba Sparxxx’s Ms. New Booty, the only other record that praises women’s butts without being offensive. The lyrics continue in their own fun character: “Get close up on that thang/ maybe take her on a date/ Mesmerized by that ass/ from tha front you can see that ass/ like a dog doggy style/ I want to get it from the back/ Never seen nothing quite like that before/ big booty thin waist and she beautiful (God Damn)”, with Boonkey showcasing his steady but most entertaining flow, and a crystal clear pronunciation which is highly appreciated by everyone not American. Often many artists forget that their music is streamed in 195 other countries! United States in only ONE of these 195. Boonkey is thinking globally and he’ll win by keeping this international mindset.

Boonkey is an intelligent hip hop artist that effortlessly carries the weight of the entire song without any collaborating acts. Incredible as it may sound, he pulled off a relevant rap record while putting the female body on a pedestal rather than objectifying it. We stan an artist of integrity.

Make sure you add Damn to your playlists on Apple Music HERE, on Tidal HERE, on Amazon HERE, on Deezer HERE, on Google Play HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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