OK by King Kashi, A Whole Lot Of Legendary Fire In 3 Minutes

There should be a new genre for songs like OK by King Kashi. It’s rap, but it’s highly entertaining and danceable. It’s hip hop, but with more swag and less of the F you attitude. It goes hard without screaming in your face. It’s catchy but not simplistic. It’s the right amount of all the necessary elements to render a song worthy of a spot in the top 100. It’s just a matter of time until it does get there.

Those airy synth notes mark the intro of OK and curiously lay the build up for a strong hook, but not before we hear King Kashi himself announcing his presence: “You know it’s King to the K”, and then he dives straight into the strong hook, with a voice that will give you goosebumps, a mix between baritone and tenor, going really deep for the hook and lighter on the verses: “Got a couple hundred millions you know that I’m ok/ Yo I’m flipping it and bagging spending the money yeaaaaah/ Yo she ride it like a horse on track/ Lick it like a lollipop/ See me in my drop top/ Yeah I’m ok” if you got that much dough, you’re more than OK 😀 you’re f*ckin’ fantastic! On a serious note, the hook is insanely captivating and King Kashi’s voice is super appealing. It has that something to it that we’re missing in the rap manosphere in this day and age.

As King Kashi proceeds to the following verse, one can’t help but think of the other Kashi… Tekashi that is. “Yo you claim to be a gangster but you’re only a b*tch N***a/ You wanna hang with us but we don’t hang with snitch n***a/ You’re a fish N***a/ Sitting on the corner eating chips n***a/ While we stacking chips N***a” while 69 is not on the corner he is under house arrest eating chips on IG and Tik Tok. The BURN! This might be your new favorite rap gem for these lines alone right here! We know Snoop and Meek would cosign the message OK is carrying 😀

King Kashi then switches up the flow to a more monotone cadence “Mansions laced out in nothing but white leather Chrome shotty when we hop on the Bugatti, 95 straight to Daytona”, and masterfully excels at getting in sync with the drums right before the hook drops again: “[…]in the Lear/ I took off her sexy underwear/ In the where n***a didn’t I say the f*cking Lear/ the 5th edition listing to new edition

After you’ve sung along the hook twice, King Kashi takes it up a notch and speeds up the flow dynamic, really spicing up the song and giving it that oomph through an almost-poetical description: “I like the way you move your body wine/ So slow entice me mami/ I can’t get enough of that slow-motion/ Have me looking like a fish out of the ocean.” They often say in mainstream media that rap objectifies women, but honestly, what woman wouldn’t want to excite her man? I’ll wait ’til you find a woman that is not flattered for having inspired a male artist to lyrically depict her physical beauty.

King Kashi also proves an astute wordplay and a vast rhyme knowledge: “Yes we smoke the most cess/ stay well dressed/ dimes empress/ from down south to straight out west/ where I link my dawg ol’ germs/ n***a til death/ We hopped in the coop/ head to the nest/ blow a hundred thousand while she takes off her dress” – that’s how you keep it fun and show off your rap skills at the same time. King Kashi penned a banger and entertained the audience all the while.

Make sure you do yourself a favor and add OK for a confidence boost to your daily playlist on Google Play HERE, on Deezer HERE, on Amazon Music HERE, on Apple Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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