philly m bradley empty out da tank cover art

Empty Out Da Tank By Philly M Bradley, A Gorgeous Rap Song For Laid Back Days

When you hear the intro notes from the electric guitar, you would never guess this is a hip hop track. With an airy “ooh” preceding the hook, it’s a rather gentle build-up that plays tricks on you. When you hear Philly M Bradley’s voice, it becomes a beautiful surprise as you tend to like the hook enough to think that it couldn’t have been arranged differently. Empty Out Da Tank is a breezy rap song that will easily sneak into your mind and you’ll be singing along before you know it.

Philly M Bradley must be business savvy as he jumped right into the hook, and on top of that, used the same rhyme, making it super easy for the audience to keep up with the lyrics almost intuitively: “Empty out the tank/ Gotta get bank/ Gotta slide cross home plate like safe/ Gotta put another cool hundred in the safe/”, continuing to add “break”, “tank”, “fake”, “fame”, “name”, “plane”, to the plethora of already existing rhymes. A masterful lyricist if you ask us.

Philly M Bradley’s voice will exceedingly augment your interest in the song itself, showcasing his positive, confident feelings through the color and tonalities behind his voice. It’s a warm voice that smiles. It’s a voice who knows what you’ve been through and can relate: “Never been a lame/ Love to switch lanes/ People sold grass/ Sold lean Cocaine/ Turn around and tell me stay up out the dope game/ Or end up in the back of a trunk no play” Again, Philly M Bradley used to its fullest the immense opportunity to display his songwriter skills through both the rap bars and the sung hook.

Our top favorite moment in Empty Out Da Bank is the following: “Subs going ham/ ‘Cause a young ni**a slap/ Boom Boom Clap/ Had to jump Fresh” as Philly M Bradley makes the song prosper by syncing his voice and rap to the rhythm of the beat with the drums stealing the spotlight and creating a smashing combination of voice and instruments. A short but powerful moment that is usually done by the Top 40 artists.

Philly M Bradley then goes to talk about his origins: “Pennsylvania Boy, with Arkansas Roots/ People gotta eat so I gotta make moves”, emphasizing the duality of his artistic genes. He then amusingly points out how paradoxically women act: “Told her that I’m took/ Why these h*es tryna choose/ How you so true/ But you breakin’ all the rules”.

Speaking of the production, it is quite stellar with the main voice track being forefront at all times and beautifully balanced against the bass and the strong drums. Very notable as well the amount of ad-libs used: very organic, not too loud, further in the distance, appropriate, at the right time and place, and generally enhancing the entire auditory experience.

Empty Out Da Tank is a song fully charged with heavy mainstream appeal while staying authentic to the artist’s roots and identity. If you like the late 2000s hip hop music, you will love Philly M Bradley’s Empty Out Da Tank, as it brings those organic, driven, ambitious elements both lyrically and auditorily.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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