Run Down (Ridin’) by Matticz ft. M Gramz & Gutter, A Rap Record Of Gigantic Presence

Damn it feels good to bob to a contemporarily produced record that echoes, on the other hand, original hip hop vibes from the ’90s: crystal-clear vocals, intricate rhyming styles, big drums, and just the right amount of ad-libs here and there. We’re talking about Run Down (Ridin’). Matticz, the main artist, actually did something for this song that nowadays is barely ever done anymore: he paired up with 2 other extremely talented rappers and has let both of them equally shine to the point you wouldn’t know this record belongs to him. That my dear readers, is a self-revelatory quality: Matticz is here for the music first and foremost, with everything else being just a byproduct. We stan such a respectable artist.

The initial guitar strums are very telling, going delicately up and down enhancing the far-sounding introductory voices. And that’s when we find out everyone’s name: Matticz, M Gramz, and Gutter. The 3 names are said with such assurance and calm confidence that it raises our expectations. And when Matticz goes to spit the first verse, he delivers through and through: “2 clips/ For 2 5ths/ For loose lips/ I’m ruthless/ You toothless/ And useless/ And clueless/ The shoe fitsrapping ingeniously with a blazing fire and incalculable force. Then he flings himself into putting snitches in their rightful places, talking about “too many informants”, b*tches that tell and “took off with all the money she was given”, and “n***as” who “can’t move grams so they do scams”. Matticz ends the verse with a warning about his itching fingers.

When the hook kicks in, that’s Gutter right there with a deep voice that preserves his individuality:It’s the return of the Mac n***a ridin’!/ I ain’t cuttin’ n***as no slack cuz we ridin’/ Me and Matt got this sh*t mapped now we ridin’!/ N***as gotta pay what they owe or we ridin’!” being just one half of the hook but of the utmost importance, implanting huge ambition in every single word he raps. As he dives into the 2nd part, it almost feels like his pride turns into a dare for those envious of him: “Me and big cuzzo in the Lac and we ridin’!/ Cease and Gramz in the back now they ridin’!/ Lookin’ for the finest it ain’t hard to find us we ridin’! R-Ridin’! Ridin’!

As for M Gramz… Let’s just say he is the most savage out of the 3. He didn’t spare nothing and nobody, coming even after the rainbow kid: “Triple OG controllin’ where them drugs at/ Tekashi you sloppy, my young’ns move above that/ Multiplying numbers subtracting all additions/ There’s money on ya head if I’m sending them on a mission” we’re willing to bet that many peers in the hip hop industry would high-5 M Gramz for these very words right here. Interestingly though, M Gramz has a melodic vibe to his bars. It’s almost like he’s sing-rapping his verse. The words are tied into each other and the flow accompanies the beat as if it was a cohesive line to follow.

Run Down (Ridin’) is a majestically furious rap record that exhibits genre-characteristic promptness, astute rhyming patterns, and a flawless production. Whether you’re in the gym and need that extra push to go further than ever, or you’re at work angry at some colleague, Matticz will be that invisible hardcore trainer or accordingly, the imaginary battlefield where you KO your enemy.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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