Family Matters by Scrybe, A Delightful Rap Record On Generational Influence

Today’s song is proof of us living in great times for hip hop. Because while the mainstream is filled with some pretty tasteless music, the independent side of the industry is putting out masterpieces that are of superior quality to both past and present popular rap music. Scrybe will have you marvel at his Family Matters song, as he transposes his life knowledge to lyrical rap material and disarms your mental guard with complete and utter frankness.

The tranquil appearance of the beat is soon after elegantly invaded by Scrybe’s voice, who kicks off the 1st verse with personal imagery settings: “Spitting image of my father that’s what granny say/ Many nights home alone just me and Fannie Mae/ Stole money from the school and ordered Stevie Rays/ Sorta like Daddy Greens not talking EPA”, to be noticed the perfect rhyming pattern as Scrybe flawlessly respects the syllables and arranges the words in such manner as to not disturb the flow consistency. That’s called high-quality writing.

Scrybe then goes to take on a worldly position sharing with the listener the spiritual ascension of an artist over time, shifting his focus from a contract to generational wealth: “No longer chasing deals, I’m chasing better lives/ Children with silver spoons, bettering family ties/ They know that family matters, That’s the facts of life”, and in a stolidly respectful manner, goes to equally open up about who truly matters in his life: “And I was living wrong I had a loss of sight/ I thank my wife and kids they probably saved my life” A round of applause for an artist that talks about substantial matters! Thank you Scrybe for adding to the good side of humanity!

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any more personal, Scrybe flings himself into emphasizing the everlasting influence his own parents and grandparents had on him: “Still you’re number one/ That’s my father say […]/ So go ahead prove ’em wrong/ That’s what my mama say[…]/ But you’re my Ronie bear/ That’s what my granny say” From a technical perspective, the hook packs a more melodic tendency than the 2 verses making it easy for the audience to rap-sing along. To be admired the fact that Scrybe covers the entire record alone, not using a singer for the chorus but rather chiseling his own vocal abilities in the direction of an appealing hook.

The second verse goes to expand on the many professions and titles that family members have attained and continue obtaining: fashion moguls, dentists, firefighters lieutenants, businessmen, managers, VP’s, CM’s & money handlers, etc you got the idea! 😀 I mean… at this point Scrybe makes you wanna be part of his family too 😀 On a serious note, it is admirable how he raps about the entire kin and not just himself. Selflessness is a rare feat these days.

Family Matters is a record of impeccable quality, high-end mixing, and production, with an inspiring and relevant message, that will become most likely a staple song in Scrybe’s artistic career.

Song Credits: Artist 1 – Scrybe, Artist 2 – Jon Juan, Production – Audiophilebeats

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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