Come Back by Trackfam Wundabread, An Exuberant Steamy Banger

With a bas deeper than most modern-day songs, lyrics that ooze fiery carnal passion, and a voice that is excellent for both singing and rapping, Trackfam Wundabread has created an enigmatic and rich song for an adult audience. Come Back features an incredible display of a voice tense with enthusiasm laid over a first-class hip hop beat charged with serious attitude. You will go back to this one many times after the first listen.

The intro is a nice 32-seconds chunk of instrumental with ad libs and back vocals present towards the second part of it, letting you know Trackfam Wundabread is about to introduce himself. And he does so by sing-rapping the very captivating hook: “You know I got that come back/ Got that come back/ You know I got that come back/ Ima make you wanna run back” His voice has a dark and magnificent aspect to it, being most likely in the bass register. Trackfam Wundabread knows how to be in charge of the musical composition, letting the instrumental aid him instead of dictating his flow.

Keep it fresh like a tic tac/ I’ma eat it like a snack pack/ I’ma hit it from the back/ Hit the hole like a running back/ I’ma give it to ya baby like Similac/ You can ride it like a Cadillac” – we’re sure Jada Pinkett Smith would approve. And many more women as a matter of fact 😀 We appreciate, however, the fact that Trackfam Wundabread raps intensely about his infatuation with the female body rather than just objectifying it for his own ego satisfaction. Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn could take some notes here. As for the technical aspect, the surprise element is heavily emphasized when using ad-libs to complete the rhyming and flow pattern: “Throw it long like a quarterback (Run)/ Pulling on yo track (Huh huh huh)

Trackfam Wundabread also inserts a very different but fun approach to the hook pre-build: “(Oh) You got that come back too huh?/ I underestimated you huh?/ Can’t believe I put it on you huh?/ Now you wanna come back thru huh?”, creating a series of questions that indicate the equal sexual power between him and the woman in question, which truth be told, is far too rare in the hip hop genre.

The production highlights the main artist’s vocals and message, letting the depth of his voice pervade the entire space while keeping up with his greatness in a spectacular form: suave alternations between the high-pitched synth and the staccato drums, well-intercalated ad-libs, and an overall oriental music vibe added to it. As Gen Z says: it SLAPS!

The outro is a perfect reflection of the intro, stripping away the instruments one by one gifting us with a short drum solo right as the song ends. Despite it being 3 minutes and 36 seconds, Come Back feels like half of that. That’s largely due to the highly-entertaining flow and delivery Trackfam Wundabread provided the listener with.

Song Credits: Written by Trackfam Wundabread, Produced by Ricandthadeusmusic, Mixed and mastered by Shock for Shockhouse 

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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