Flavored Swisher By 2Wo Bs, Your Savage Anthem For Feeling Bigger Than Life

Fun tracks are not easy to come by. If they pack attitude usually the fun element is out the window, and if they’re entertaining, they tend to be corny. But 2Wos Bs (2 Brothers) have gotten 3 other fire rappers on the track and loaded Flavored Swisher with enough energy, fun, and aggressiveness to sound like a general strategizing a battle. From unthinkable metaphors, punch lines that leave you gasping for air, and the most unconcerned-sounding rap voices you’ve ever heard, Flavored Swisher will have you changing colors on the inside with every bar you hear.

The hook of Flavored Swisher is a most wild, savage, ungodly hook you’ve heard as of recently. The best part about it? It SLAPS HARD! It’s the type of song that you know you shouldn’t be replicating but damn it’s too good. Let’s take a look at the absolute best lines of the chorus: “You’d be better off trying some crack or some meth if you thinkin’ to try me” (I’m stealing this one for my next argument!), “We’ll f*ck up the party beat yo ass regardless do a line up off yo b*tches hind cheeks” (LMA-f*ckin-O, I ain’t hear genius bars like this since Eminem dropped his first album), “Man I love me a b*tch with that 80’s figure/ Ima nut on her face just to paint a picture” (God, please turn your face away and cover your ears as I don’t plan on pausing the record any soon) 😀 They finally did it!!! Someone finally pulled off a menacing song while keeping a comedic perspective on it and you can bob shamelessly to it!!! They just don’t make ’em like this no more! Applause guys, you deserve applause.

The first verse belongs to Aares with memorable lines like: “B*tch I’m so stingy this d*ck got a limit on b*tches it only goes into my type”, “I’ll be the industry Cobain/ Show my mf ass like a home game”, “I thought it was clever however I’m greedy I want it I’m taking the whole thang”, and with a flow that is rather unpredictable making pauses and picking up pace where you least expect it. The only time a rapper is able to do that is if he’s really seasoned or hella talented. Either way, Aares was a boss with his verse.

The second verse is led by Keem The Truth, switching up his style from Aares’s, generally spitting faster and making you wonder how big his lungs are cause this boy raps. and raps. and raps. Without ever running out of breath, and even showing off a lil bit of singing towards the end of his verse. We weren’t ready. And YOU ain’t ready for his twisted, sick, phenomenal lines “Sitting on ya b*tch throat like a bow tie/ […]Degenerate… X out ya whole gang tho/ X-Factor now Mr. Ass in a chokehold/ […] Made her SnapBack 3xs that’s a hat trick” – can YOU perform that kind of magic?? 😀

 Dlo The Body, the rapper in charge of the 3rd verse, is more laid back in his approach, and actually giving off some smooth RnB vibes halfway through. But… he still serving punchlines in the same fashion as Aares and Keem The Truth: “M*rder on the track leave no witness/ Flexing like we doing fitness/ […]Make h*es come fast like Olympics/ And I do this art sh*t on her face all day” it’s honestly hilarious how Dlo The Body stuck to the workout universe in his punch lines, going from the track (double meaning as running track and the song), fitness, and Olympics. Now the gym is a nasty place 😀

The 4th verse, belongs to Rhino Mac, who out of the 5 turns out to be the most sober rapper, sticking to the menacing narrative and very little of the fun: You can play like you tough if you want but my n***as already eyeing you/ […]She popping that ass I’m throwing this cash/ Stop playing like I ain’t been havin it/ Dis right here for all of my savages” his flow going in loops having a scent of the ’00s hip hop. In some bizarre way he reminds us of Kanye West with those prolonged ad-libs in the background. We’ll call it the Curious Case Of Rhino Mac.

Zhu the Batosai, the rapper with a most unique stage name, takes us back to that fun, unapologetic, wild place in the 5th verse: “Too many blunts in rotation for you to be tripping don’t act like a b*tch/ […] Run in a room full of feminists and tell ’em all to suck my d*ck/ […] Serving up subpoenas/ Party on marinas/ Rollin, Turner Tina/ gas on supremahe went THERE!!! He took a direct smack-dab jab at the F word. By that, we mean the feminazis. And yes, we will definitely have the comment section under approval for this article cause we stan this song.

Song Credits: Aaron Taylor, Ryan McClintock Jr., Hakeem Hughes, Phillip Perkins III – writers; Aares Taylor, Christopher Bailey – producers; Christopher Bailey, Phillip Perkins Jr. – engineers; Recorded at MuzikOverMind Productions, LLC

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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