Dash by Lex-D ft. Freewyo, The New High Class Rap Culture

While the current rap trend, unfortunately, has people habitually underrating new talent, because autotune, h*es, and dollar stacks to the ears, there is a new wave emerging. A new generation of rap artists as the world hasn’t seen yet. One of those artists is Lex-D, who created an undeniable track, Dash, to entertain, motivate, and inspire all people from all over the world for years to come. Welcome to the great side of 2020.

I can honestly barely contain my excitement. This is a rap song as I have dreamed for years to exist. To listen to. To vibe to. To work out to. You will get why shortly. Let’s first talk about those visuals, cause DAMN! When was the last time you saw an unsigned artist put out an entire squad of superbikes? Yeah, I’ll wait. And Lex-D’s style and demeanor… APPLAUSE! why? because this artist does NOT care about your Migos trend. He is doing his own thing. He is clean through and through, sporting stylishly combined clothes, shoes, and a touch of creative genius, a cross on a Japamala string. And let’s also give credit to that super relatable scene where he is penning lyrics at home, in front of the mic and the DIY recording setup. The behemoths of the music industry are not ready for this. Thanks to artists like Lex-D we get to know real self-made artists, real people who are comfortable with being themselves and don’t try to portray an image in order to sell. When Lex-D gains momentum, mark my words, the music industry as we know it, will be at its last days. Their power is in fabricating images and selling it to the masses. Until the masses will willingly and consciously choose to follow real people instead.

The song starts off with a huge shock! Those ad-libs fool you into thinking you gon’ hear some scream hip hop and then Lex-D hits you with that smooth bass voice 😮 “Been in the game always on a hit and miss/ Changed up my hustle now I’m feeling hella lit/ Switched up my lane and I gotta take a risk/ Now you know my name and I’m getting hella rich” heck, with the amount of replays Dash triggers you to engage in, you will get rich indeed. Also, the perfect rhyme pattern is deeply appreciated, steadily following the first line layout. And the following bars are rightfully in sync with the superbike visuals: “See me hit the limit on that dashboard/
Tripping slipping shifting on that asphalt

The next lines, (Lord Almighty bless Lex-D for he shared real-life advice and not some get-rich-quick scheme {^_^} ), emphasize a big quality that stupid young rappers never even fathomed: “Made it out the struggle and I did it with persistence/ Between me and you, there is only one difference/ I can chase my dreams and I bring them to existence/ Zero to one hundred and it happens in an instance”. P.E.R.S.I.S.T.E.N.C.E. – that word that implies you actually held tight to your goals and persevered even when all odds were against you, that you never lost sight of it even when things were going great, and when things were slow. Thank you Lex-D for using a word that makes many people uncomfortable, as many like to think there is a secret to success. Surprise! You already knew it does NOT exist.

Freewyo, the collabing artist, comes in and tactfully introduces himself on the track following the same narrative and lyrical direction: “Was broke once broke won’t go back/ Way too dedicated to the mother f*ckin’ stack/ Through the dark night guarantee, I got the light/ Sleep when I’m dead until then I must grind” aaaaay! aaaaay! aaaaay! that wordplay in the beginning was FIRE! and if you thought that was dope, check this out: “‘So they told me that’/ ‘Love was more important than money’/ ‘But then I tried to pay my bills with a hug and F*cked up ay’” Freewyo completely obliterated any moral troopers lurking around 😀

Then Lex-D repeats the first part of verse I, turning it basically into a hook. New. Definitely a new approach to song structure. Shout out to the production as well, being rather simplistic but efficient in letting the 2 artists take the front place. The fact that there’s a deep bass for most of the 3 minutes, is quite unheard of. They just don’t make them like this anymore. And with that, we get to the end of a glorious, modern rap record.

Dash is a rap gem that feels like a personal manifesto to likeminded individuals: entrepreneurs, hustlers, and just go-getters generally. It will motivate the heck outta you without putting you down. It’s a mood lifter, a grind anthem, and a personal mantra.

Song Credits: (Lex-D) Alexandre “Lex-D” Balancy, (Freewyo) James “Freewyo” Yoxon – songwriters, (Freewyo) James “Freewyo” Yoxon – mix and master.

Make sure you add Dash to your playlists on Apple Music, on Deezer, on Amazon, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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