Jewel By Bennie Keylo, A FUN First-Rate Modern Rap Record

We are proud to introduce you today to Bennie Keylo’s Jewel, a record that subtly assures the public of Bennie’s importance as a rap artist through the countless rhyme combinations and relaxed voice. This artist is also a pioneer in his line of work, upgrading the usual in-your-face rap to a higher class feeling by stripping away the ad-libs, the screams, the one-word hooks. We are evolving globally thanks to artists like Bennie Keylo.

The very first seconds sound like an amplified music box that gets slowly turned to the right and is about to start. And it does, with some claps and drums that are breathed to life by our Bennie: “I need a thick one, talkin’ ’bout a redbone/ FaceTime, cake time Shawty whatcha cell phone/ Girl you move it good got you standing on ya elbows/ I wish ya n***a would go ahead tell him hell no”. Bennie seems rather fond of talking about his Mr-steal-your-girl superpowers 😆 “I ain’t cuffing h*es but ya girl finna choose me/ Tight with her lips but she love me call her Lucy/ Ouu she ah groupie/ Coupe but a hooptie” We like how he puts his tenor voice to work in his favor, dictating the vibe of the song as he goes along through stability, control, and a monochrome cadence. Many rappers with the same register tend to scream in order to be taken seriously. Bennie Keylo though, knows better. He makes the beat part of his message.

After more considerable details like “Ole girl have a ball when I pull up with this music” and “Shawty you a freak and I feel like carpoolin‘”, Bennie Keylo unexpectedly lays a triumphant hook: “I’m a jewel ‘n she droolin’/ I’m in this b*tch goin’ dumb carpoolin’/ I got a message from yo b*tch no foolin’/ I’m King Kong in this b*tch just rulin’” Can we get a round of applause for this FLAWLESS lyrical arrangement??? It is hard resisting the urge to name drop mainstream rappers unable to put together a good hook. What many don’t get and Bennie does, is that for a hook to work, IT HAS TO RESPECT THE RHYTHM PATTERN. No one cares if your bars are deep if they don’t stick. And they don’t stick if you don’t make them fit. 😉

If you thought Bennie Keylo was done taunting weaker-minded males, you were wrong 😀 He actually kept the best for last: “Tell yo girl to hit me up ‘n stop playin’/ I’m tryna smash I ain’t really into datin’” so not only he wants to get someone else’s girl, but only for a night too 😆 What a savage! Bennie keeps inserting fun remarks just about every 2nd bar, reminding the audience that rap doesn’t have to be all that serious all the damn time: “In your pockets asked your b*tch to go get lunch/ Smart guy but I’m out here goin big dumb” LMAO! Dissecting the lyrics of Jewel is just as fun as vibing to the song as a whole.

Bennie Keylo’s Jewel is a highly entertaining, self-boosting rap record that will actually make you feel more attractive than you really are. It’s that good, and that powerful.

Song Credits: Bennie Keylo – writer, Devious Beats – producer

Make sure you add Jewel on Apple Music HERE, on SoundCloud HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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