Top 7 Legendary Songs By Miley Cyrus

Miley is a legend. For a good while now. Whether you like her or not, this woman has become a force of her own, somehow succeeded in bouncing back from being ridiculed by everyone in the industry for dipping in hip hop music, lost her house in Malibu to the wildfires, got married, got divorced, and is now starting to win over even older audiences with her latest mind-blowing covers, Heart Of Glass by Blondie and Maneater by Hall & Oates. Best part? She’s actually a phemomenal artist. A singer with few to none in her lane, a songwriter with astute vision, an entertainer with no restraint, a legend that’s still very young and we get the honor to enjoy her art while she’s still here. Here are Top 7 Miley Cyrus songs that formed her public persona and have directly influenced global pop culture as well.

7. Nothing Breaks Like A Heart

This one has Lana Del Rey vibes all over it. Think of Miley’s take on dark, sad pop but still keeping the relatively upbeat rhythm. Her warm, raspy voice shines brilliantly over the minimalistic guitar and those layered vocals on the hook make you fall in love with the song and then with Miley too. With a very decent charting history (peaked at number 2 on the UK Singles Chart and number 43 on the US Billboard Hot 100), Nothing Breaks Like A Heart stands at 195 million views as of October 2020. And mind you, this song is still heavily played on radio stations all over the world. Maybe it’s that retro-ish touch that makes it so irresistible and lovable. A straight classic from day one.

6. Party In The U.S.A.

Oh Lord how time flies by! Released a whole 11 years ago, Party In The U.S.A. peaked at number 2 on Billboard Hot 100, and became America’s favorite modern 4th of July song. Miley admits she never thought the song would be this successful and would sell this much (over 6 million copies sold on US territory as of 2017). It stands at 761 million views and it sort of became a thing on its own being heavily imprinted in the hearts of Americans all over the world.

5. Slide Away

If you love 2000s RnB-Pop vibes, THIS is IT for you. The hook of Slide Away is outstanding and ever-so-melodic! Once again, Miley proved she can do it all: rock, rap, pop, country, dance, disco, ballads, etc. Such a star. Watch how she’ll be regarded by Gen Zers and Millenials as Beyonce was held up high by Gen Xers. We can promise you that much. It peaked at number 47 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and it stands at 40 million views as of October 2020.

4. Midnight Sky

Infectious like a MF-er, in sync with the consumers’ recent preference for the ’80s vibes, with excellently-performed vocals (live included), uplifting lyrics, and showing us a new rockstar Miley, Midnight Sky might just become her new Wrecking Ball, aka one of her staple songs that she’ll long be remembered by even after she’s gone. It will take time for the song to get the recognition it deserves but it is so on its way there. A phenomenal, incredible, majestic musical masterpiece. We’re in awe of her creativity and in our hearts, this is our favorite Miley Cyrus song. It stands at 68 million views as of October 2020 and it debuted at number 14 on Billboard Hot 100. This song is getting very mature people applauding Miley as it flaunts a heavy vintage mood to it and engulfs itself in dance-disco synths, while visually her platinum mullet is bringing mad youth flashbacks to those in their 40s and 50s. Miley is genius.

3. Mother’s Daughter

A song that swings between soft rap and aggressive pop, Mother’s Daughter is a global favorite standing at 99 million views as of October 2020. Released in June 2019 and with 2 MTV awards to back up its infamous impact, the record got criticized by some and favorited by many. Despite a less-than-spectacular chart placement (debuted at number 54 on the US Billboard Hot 100), it became a staple song for feminists and young girls struggling with fitting dogmas when growing up in this very weird, very uncomfortable, very judging society.

2. Malibu

Such a crowd-pleaser. Malibu is a breathtaking soft-rock record that has garnered a shocking 464 million views as of October 2020. It was also badly craved by her loyal fanbase that wanted their beloved “old” Miley back. The one that was much tamer than her twerking-at-the-vmas version. It worked as Malibu peaked at number 10 on US Billboard Hot 100.

1. Wrecking Ball

If you never heard of Hannah Montana or ever been a fan of Disney, THIS song right here is the reason you know of Miley Cyrus’s existence. When she dropped this record, NO ONE SAW IT COMING. It was too vulgar for those times (as per one YouTube comment: Cardi B said hold my WAP), it spoke of her relationship with Liam Hemsworth that was on every damn gossip blog and magazine, and it was tied into that era of Bangerz, the era of wild Miley. This woman just made headlines after headlines in those years and Wrecking Ball solidified her superstar status. Debuting at number 50 and peaking at number 1 (becoming her first number one hit-single) on US Billboard Hot 100, Wrecking Ball currently stands at the hallucinating number of 1,092,610,994 views (1 billion 92 million) 😮

Miley, you’re a LIVING LEGEND!

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