Designer By Yungg Fattz, When Rich Bars On Expensive Music Create Vibes For Days

If you’ve been missing the pleasant, rich-vibe songs à la Usher feat. Jeezy’s In This Club, or Jeremih feat. 50 Cent’s Down On Me, today is your lucky day. We got an exclusive on our hands! Designer by Yungg Fattz is a record that rolls up admiration and applause with its instant-singable hook, pristine production quality, moderately fast-paced rhythm, sophisticated lyrics, and effortless flow. It’s a song with a refreshing lingering effect, uplifting your mood during and after listening to it. Yungg Fattz might have just struck gold with this one.

Designer‘s prologue is a fine combination of artificially-processed vocal snippets, a gracious piano, and the French Big Jeezy producer’s infamous vocal stamp, “Big Jeezy got it locked boy!”. “Draped in Balenciaga and Dior/ Keep you in some Michael Kors/ You can have whatever point at it and now it’s yours/ Dress you up in Fenty, now Fenty is on the floor (yeah yeah)/ I’ll wear you out like designer/ I’ll wear you out like designer/ Need more of you like Commons/ I need more of you like Commons” goes the very beautiful chorus. Might we add… the hook is simply phenomenal. It’s pitch-perfect, alluring, playful, and if we dare say, actually romantic. Modernly romantic at that, ’cause we sure see a set of Fenty lingerie as a worthy gift rather than a candle and a box of chocolates as our grandparents used to do 😆

After smartly intercalating his voice in advance on the hook through the efficient use of ad-libs, Yungg Fattz goes to introduce us to the song’s main subject: “I’ll wear you out like designer/ Baby girl thick damn right she a monster/ I like the way she moves/ I saw her at the club I love the way she grooving”, and with the last word we’re introduced to the artist’s ability to flip words in such manner as to fit the beat and melodically lock in with the flow pattern (in this instance prolonging the accent on the double o in grooving). After detailing about the “green eyes” and “body unique”, we witness how the artist makes use of his own name as an instrument of power (smart marketing move btw!): “It’s Yungg Fattz so money ain’t a thing/ You know how it is by the drip of the chain/ Body looking good in the seats of the range/ And every time she cream/ She screaming my name, Yungg Fattz”.

The second verse portrays the dynamic of the said relationship with the same sophisticated materialistic factor to it: “Rolling in that ‘Lac baby girl getting blunted”, “I love the way we grind with my hands on her hips/ She’s all about her money yeah she got me taking trips/ She know I’m about my paper plus I do it like Nip”,“She say you got swag so I started cheesing”. We definitely appreciate how Yungg Fattz slows down and respectively picks up his baritone voice to match the gravity and the flirtatious tone of the lyrics. His self-confidence, pride, and star quality are all palpable from start to end through his wording and enhanced by the flow consistency he bestows. Yungg Fattz is an artist that will soon have people talking ’cause he’s worth it.

Those same charming piano chords that backed up the rap artist throughout his performance, are now the ones alluding to the end with that synth running smoothly further and further away. This outro is almost a purely instrumental one with just one voice stamp marking the definite good-bye. Flawless. Designer is a song that is deeper far beyond its title, pairing with courageous grace an RnB-ish instrumental with a deep-voiced rap artist. A MUST add on your level-up playlist.

Song Credits: Big Jeezy – producer; Yungg Fattz – artist.

To enjoy this song on repeat, make sure you add it on Amazon HERE, on Apple Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, on Tidal HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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