Many Lanes by KY Casanova, A Rap Work Of Art In Confessional Tones

KY Casanova is an upcoming artist with an arsenal of knowledge and a hunger for success that distinguishes his raps from average. KY Casanova marked an important milestone with his latest release, Many Lanes. It is a record that simultaneously impresses and bewilders the audience as it grants candid lyrics, an effortless flow, a groovy instrumental, excellent production, and a hybrid structure. If you’re looking for substance in modern hip hop, you’ve found THE song.

Sitting at a cool 9k views on YouTube as of October 2020, Many Lanes sets the sound in motion with a promising intro: the classical piano accompanied by large and distantly-echoing choir voices smoothly builds up the emotional contemplation of the upcoming bars. Subsequently, KY Casanova marks his appearance on the beat with the following lyrics: “A different vibe there ain’t too many on my level/ My state of mind out the mud no shovel/ So real, I been looking for a double/ I mean, I done got to watch my world crumble/ Picked up the pieces and I kept it on the humble/ A hurt and pain that’ll make a soul rumble”, letting us know more directly than not, that his personal story began many trials and errors ago. The artist’s narrative goes hand in hand with the epic atmosphere of a retro-ish mood with the back vocals actively engaged throughout the entire duration of the song. Notably, the high-pitched singular voice sample makes for a particular effect of sweetening the tone, of softening the painful confessions. In other words, it eases the message delivery from KY Casanova to the listener.

And then I got the chance to reinvent/ Just came home, I’m tryna vent/ It feel a little lonely in the sandbox/ Like I gotta walk around with two hand glocks/ ‘Bout to kill the game like I’m Jason/ Pedal to the metal like I’m racing” – as the rapper goes on to expand on the subject, it becomes apparent that this story is far beyond an imaginary construct. It is HIS story. So we got the courage to ask KY Casanova exactly what inspired the creation of Many Lanes, to which he most sincerely shared the following: “I got arrested for something that the D.A. didn’t even have evidence to support the case. Accordingly, I lost the publishing rights to the one song that was supposed to make a difference in my life, right before my first show ever. The song was called Hurting Pain and I created it along with people I thought to be my friends. Long story short, my “legal aid” lawyer wasn’t doing his job so I had to make sure to defend myself. When they took me back to Rikers, I made sure to sign up for law library. I got my 10-year sentece reduced to 8 months. It wasn’t a complete win BUT it was enough for me to walk away with a smile. And given that I wasn’t able to follow through with my career plan before, I vowed to make sure I get on the map now.” 😮 can we all admit in unison that this is an unfortunate but EXCELLENT story? Knowing this, we’re going to replay the song more than once to scoop all the details.

As KY Casanova moves past the first verse, his natural voice dynamic puts us in a lighter mood letting us know he’s doing just fine now: “I’m out the mud outta dirt, outta drain/ I want the money, I ain’t worried ’bout the fame/ It don’t matter if the world know my name/ If when people, they listen, move the same/ I’ll just have to charge it to the game/ Hungry nights gave a ni**a hunger pains/ I’m outta mud, smoking muddy on a plane/ This sh*t fire looking purple at the flame”. Remember when we said KY Casanova applied a hybrid structure style to Many Lanes? Now is where you heard it. For the obvious initial absence of a melodic hook, one thinks this song is formatted like a freestyle, but then you hear several times “I’m outta mud, outta dirt, outta drain” and realize that THIS is the one phrase that fulfills the chorus role. And it’s fantastically used for it locks the catch-phrase into the listener’s mind but it doesn’t disrupt the ’90s-like rap flow.

The third verse is the most revealing one, talking in great detail about the past: “Wire to ya box I was stealing cable/ I was walking nothing talking ’bout my shoes/ That game of life I had to learn the rules/ Even if it put me on the news/ Did some things that they said I’d never do/ Had to eat, I ain’t ever been a fool” – a sincerity that will leave you gasping at your phone screen for not many artists admit to their true transgressions and life-lessons they had to learn.

KY Casanova rode the beat from start to end with extreme frankness expressed in a moderately-paced flow that flawlessly meshed with the overall mood. Many Lanes is a record that can entertain, teach, and comfort an individual. It can and will mean something different depending on who’s listening. It’s a great hip hop work of art that deserves appreciated and admired for it offers more context than most fans would dream of getting from mainstream acts.

Song Credits: Ky Casanova (LNS©) – Songwriter, Artist; Seko Robo-Rokk(Robo-Rokk LLC.) – Sound Engineer; Produced By: Loyalty Nd Success©.

Make sure you add the record on Apple HERE, on Amazon HERE, on Deezer HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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