You Are Everything By David Sparks, A Sweet Crossover Between Pop And Modern RnB

We could just leave you with the YouTube link To David Sparks’ new release and drop the mic. This song lands on your ears like a butterfly in the middle of a burnt field. In times where everybody is angry at somebody, David Sparks guides us to the inner truth with his You Are Everything record. That truth is the same chant we’re all born with and thanks to: love. David Sparks manages to efface fear, doubt, resentment from our minds for a good four minutes and thirty seconds. The flawless blend of R&B vocals and the Pop-like instrumental is the answer to your music prayers. We finally got a love song that’s sweet but not cheesy, adult but not inappropriate.

The initial “oh”s in the background strongly hint of Nelly’s Dilemma, locking the melodic buildup in the sweet bells and airy synths coming through right before David Sparks starts singing: “You can come over/ And let me do you just right/ Wanna explore you/ Or we can watch a movie and chill all night/ And I won’t play no games/ Just wanna love you and treat you right/ Just look at you/ Ooh love the way your body’s tight.” David’s splendid vibrato deserves a standing ovation on its own. Lord knows how rare that is. His low tone is impeccably pitch-perfect and sticks to the music as if one could not exist without the other. His vocals are so natural, warm, and with a tinge of raspiness, that you just wanna pay him to record all of your favorite songs in his own voice. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the effect of a real singer on the audience.

The hook is the primary element but not the only one. You see, You Are Everything is so exceptionally well constructed lyrically and melodically that the listener gets to enjoy all of its moments and highlights. You don’t get bored, you don’t want to skip to the next track, you don’t rush, you just want to love the love this song is offering you for as long as possible. Mind you, we’re on our fifth replay and conveniently postponed everything else 😀 Back to our chorus, it is just as magnificent as you’d expect it from the charming voice of David Sparks: “You are everything/ I need in my life baby/ Can we just do our thang/ And maybe we can take all night/ I just wanna share your love/ And Can we just do this baby/ You are everything/ And everything I’m missing” and yes, we know what you just noticed! That suave female voice around 0:50 that goes to harmonize with the main singer. Speaking of, here’s what David generously shared with us: “I picked Alyse Fontaine because our voices match so well and she has the ability to bring out what’s needed in the song to make it cohesive. Her lyrics are mind seducing and she understands what I’m doing and where I’m going. She will always be a part of what I do.” And match they do! If rainbows had a sound, they’d choose Alyse to rep them. Simply angelical.

The third verse belongs to CAKALAKY G, who we want to seriously ask: did you have to audition in order to fit the ethereal combo between David Sparks and Alyse Fontaine? ’cause on a serious note… a tenor or baritone voice would have ruined the song. But a bass voice enhances it! And guess what voice register is that of CAKALAKY G’s? Bass! David knew what he was doing when he chose CAKALAKY G to flow on this beautiful record, “I picked CAKALAKY G for his smooth style of rap. His cadence is impeccable and his lyrics are spot on. He is a hard worker in the business and is an asset to the team. Him and Alyse are both an asset to any music camp.” Who needs laurels when you have people like David Sparks speaking so highly of you? Hashtag team goals. ⭐

You Are Everything is an out-of-this-world experience. It almost sounds like it doesn’t belong in 2020. With suave, rich, affectionate tonalities and lyrics that help you feel love even if it’s not physically present in your life, You Are Everything puts a surreal emphasis on a reciprocated love and a romance of times we have yet to live.

Add this magnificent record to Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 


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