Shayke It Lou’s By Cyzle Blessed, A Gladiatorial Crunk-Based Anthem

If you like Saweetie’s My Type or Ciara’s Goodies, today’s record will find favor with your taste! Shayke It Lou’s is a song that prospers on the confident flow of Cyzle Blessed. With a special, dazzling appeal, a novel production style for this day and age, and with a lavish abundance of powerful ad-libs, Shayke It Lou’s is a curiously daring record. Standing at a nice 14.000 listens on YouTube alone, the song is one of Cyzle Blessed’s top releases to date.

With a Lil Jon like shout, the song kicks off on a most promising tone. The artist can then be heard saying “Already knew about it” repeatedly while the electro synth is picking up in the background. The dubbed ad-lib becomes aggressive and persistent right before letting in the first verse: “It shakes like jelly/ And dropping like confetti/ I’m sweet like candy/ I make ’em wanna marry me/ My ladies in the building/ Stirring up the friction/ Yah we getting attention/ The fellas start trippingCyzle Blessed proves from the start to possess the unusually astute skill of rapping faster than you on a treadmill on a good day without ever being out of breath or cloudy in her delivery. Her voice is perfect for the flow style she abides by: smooth cadence, crystal-clear pronunciation, and a slightly raspy undertone that exudes aggressiveness. The rapper then dives even deeper into detailing the party vibes: “Ladies on the head stand/ Dropping to the floor/ Benjamin’s flying and/ You know we countin’ dough/ Fellas in the background smokin’ on the dro/ Yah I got my Trappers/ And Snappers at the door

For the hook we have a perfectly structured earworm: “Shayke it loose like a goose/ Gon’ head little mama/ Show’em what we do/ Yah got e’m in a trance/ Now they bobbin to my dance/ Now they throwing up bands/ And they wanna be friends/ Shayke It Lou’s Shayke It Lou’s/ Gone ‘head fellas ’cause you can groove too/ Now everybody, let’s have a party/ We’re turnin’ up/ And there ain’t no stoppin‘” The hook is pumped up and gladiatorial, becoming the staple feature of the record. The rhymes fit perfectly to the rhythm of the beat and Cyzle Blessed shines like a startled panther. A ferocious artist that feels like a shock to the system considering the bland mainstream female rappers.

After a second verse that is as alive with fun bars and some flirtatious tinges every now and then, Cyzle Blessed ends the record with the stellar hook while allowing the music production and barking ad-libs to take the spotlight. To be noted the peculiar choice of shouts and alternation between the high-pitched synth and the light drums. Such a beautiful revival of our beloved crunk music from the 2000s. We stan.

Shayke It Lou’s encapsulates plenty of elements to be excited about: crunk-based music, daring lyrics, fast-paced flow, perfectly integrated ad-libs, and a major dose of energy. Cyzle Blessed created a party masterpiece that has already gained the attention of over 14 thousand listeners. A major accomplishment for a major talent.

Song Credits: Cyzle Blessed – Songwriter, Performer; J. Green – Sound Engineer.

Make sure you add Shayke It Lou’s to your playlists on Apple Music HERE, on YouTube Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, on Amazon Music HERE, on Tidal HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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