Hektek by Jsun The Prophesor, A Rap Marvel Of Colossal Presence

Jsun The Prophesor paired up with Levi Deadman to craft a most sublime song filled with untamed dark thoughts handsomely arranged on eerie music, named Hektek. This record is already rare in its construct letting both artists have their moment in the spotlight but becomes even more unique for it also flaunts an entire 4 verses. Once you hit play, the record is evidently worth it. The Joker-like approach is terrific and poignant making it easy for the audience to visualize an entire thriller movie in the background.

The song announces its theatrical disposition with the broken music box sound in the intro while the haunting snippets of a dark voice are saying “you will not survive, you are not a wolf.” Levi Deadman officially starts the record with a most intricate flow: “(Deadman)Got judged by 12 for them carrying 6/ Thought about taking a razor to wrist/ Thought about running and jumping the fence/ Security maximum knowing the risk”, and now we’re seeing Michael Scofield trying to escape Fox River. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, you’re too young and shouldn’t be reading this blog. Levi Deadman’s voice is a smooth baritone managing accordingly to give weight to the lyrics when rapping fast. If you take a tenor and make him do the same, he’ll sound like he’s desperate for attention. Whereas Levi Deadman has the luxury of playing around with the direction of his bars as his voice can meet his artistic demands.I leave damaged homes and speakers blown/ Live in the Matrix or that’s how it feels/ Pop all these pills I can’t stand at all/ Standards fall when a man will crawl

The hook got the miraculous ability to hold your attention upon it without diverting too much from the first verse mood: “Tick tock tick tock just another day (one more)/ Don’t stop, don’t stop gotta find the play (where it at)/ Hip hop hip hop spitting to get paid/ Just watch just watch look up at the stage” The respective section has the lingering effect of a musical pendulum. The efficiency with which Jsun The Prophesor and Levi Deadman engage with each other on the hook is one to talk about for days. Few collaborating acts meet our expectations, but this duo exceeded them. I chose to work with Levi Deadman on this track for quite a few reasons. The most important being he stylistically and sonically was a perfect fit for the mood and tempo of the track. Levi is also a very talented rapper in his own right which made it an easy pick. When I select who to work with, I usually search throzugh all my beats and writings for the perfect match for that particular rapper. This allows me to cater a track to a collaboration instead of forcing it or just making it fit.” – shares Jsun The Prophesor in exclusivity for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

By the time we get to the 2nd verse, it is all very clear that this song’s strength resides in the artist and secondarily, in the music. It is not necessarily a negative thing. Au contraire, it takes artistic bravery to take the responsibility of carrying the record with your rap. When we have banger music, for example, the music matters as much as 80% of the song’s success whereas Hektek bestows a remarkably delicate instrumental while the artists’ flows are wild and savage.

Now it’s Jsun The Prophesor time to shine: “Hectic as all hell (hectic) in life is how I dwell/ Try to see the path but eyes just see a spell/ Prophetic in my touch but mind is in a cell/ Locked up from pain tears drop like rain.” The rapper is significantly poetic in his message acknowledging to have drawn inspiration from “trying to be a fully functional human being in an often hectic society.With touching sincerity Jsun The Prophesor offers a sense of refuge in his lyrics for all those who are their own bosses: “Put on your smile bulletproof vest/ Ain’t stopping sh*t no S on your chest/ No time for peace no time for rest/ Always a beast never give less” The man of the hour continues his narrative of a go-getter with a deeply unnerving admission in the following verse as well: “Living this life one day at a time/ Busting my ass but I barely get by/ Can’t afford food but I always get high/ Regret in my eyes I’ve been dead for a while” Jsun The Prophesor’s flow is singular in its cadence thus becoming the central attractive feature of the record. There’s something mystical and beautiful in sticking to the same pattern for the entire song. Not many talents can pull that off without boring you.

Hektek is a distinguished rap record that keeps the same invariant flow and yet, with each verse it feels like you’ve never heard it before. It is a long, sensational work of music created by Jsun The Prophesor and his equally distinct collaborator, Levi Deadman.

Song Credits: Jason Anderson-Ebener (Jsun The Prophesor) – songwriter, performer, executive producer, sound engineer; Levi Fuchs (Levi Deadman) – songwriter, performer; Chamothy Holms (SouthSide Hippie) – music producer; Recorded at The Academy Recording Studio; Publisher – College of Hip Hop Knowledge Publishing BMI 1881807; Cline – College of Hip Hop Knowledge LLC; Release Date – December 9th, 2020

Make sure you add Hektek to your playlists on Apple Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, on Amazon HERE, on Tidal HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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