5 YouTube Channels That Will Help You Become A Paid Music Artist In 2021

If you’re claiming to be an aspiring artist but you’ve got enough time on your hands to go through Game Of Thrones thrice, you sir, or ma’am, are wasting your precious time to learn new things about the always-changing music industry. We’ve compiled a list of 5 YouTube Channels that we ourselves have been following for very many years and that we can vet for. If you know to extract and apply the free information given to you by these amazing creators, you will become a paid music artist in 2021. Enjoy!

5. honest

honest is rather phenomenal in his analysis of mainstream media acts. He delves into many stars’ past, successes, failures, comebacks. It is a most useful channel to consume in your downtime as it gives you a clearer understanding of how pop culture is perceived by the vast majority of music consumers and you can also easily learn from major musicians’ mistakes. honest hits the nail on the head in many of his videos, explaining for example why Justin Bieber is now failing to chart as he used to. With over 100 million total views on his videos, honest is seriously awesome to listen to while you’re taking your shower or preparing your breakfast.

4. Adam Ivy

Skip to 3:39 to start the video. Adam Ivy is an American Music Producer who, by his own claim, turned 800 bucks into a 6-figure income. The downside of Adam’s videos is that he takes too much of a formal approach to his content and too long to actually kick off what we came here to watch. With that being said, his video content is very well explained and super detailed. It is a channel most fit for beginner artists. So if you’ve never marketed your own songs before, if you’ve never run ad campaigns, and if you don’t know where to start from, Adam Ivy is for you.

3. DorianGroup82

Dorian is a rap-singer himself and he built his credibility around getting a plaque for over 1 million Spotify streams while self-managing his career. Content-wise he saves artists a lot of time by extracting only the most essential parts of a myriad of interviews with A-listers. So the best thing about his YouTube Channel is that you get to hear what the successful people said with their own mouth instead of just consuming another YouTuber’s take on hot topics. From marketing, branding, networking, you get to learn incredible information fast and free. It would take you months to churn through all those interviews on your own but Dorian brings the best industry knowledge directly from the source on a plate.

2. Smart Rapper

Rob Level (aka Novi Novak for day one fans), has started his Smart Rapper company after he himself came to a decent level of notoriety and success as an artist (he reached millionaire status and got a cumulative 20,757,043 views on his own music channel as of Dec 14th, 2020). He did it all on his own, independently, mostly relying on the digital world thus he learned the industry ropes from ground zero. Rob Level put his knowledge to work and is educating mainly upcoming rappers (we highly suggest you watch his content if you’re an artist regardless of your genre), on all possible aspects of a successful music career. The value in his content is that everything he’s “preaching” has been tested. We’ve been following Rob for over 10 years now and he never lied to his audience. From how to mix and master your own vocals, how to make money off your music, how to improve your writing skills, how to get on Spotify playlists, and even the tricks and tactics employed by bigger artists, Rob Level delivers relevant, original content more consistently than a paid TV Network.

1. Burstimo

The guys and girls at Burstimo are ultimately selling their own music marketing services, as does everyone else educating upcoming artists on YouTube, but they are the most developed company and the easiest to understand. The quality of their videos is through the roof, the tips they share with their audience are up to date with current algorithm changes, and they get really, like really good guests on their podcast (such as the guy who signed Dua Lipa, BBC Radio 1’s Abbie McCarthy, the manager of Duran Duran, the digital marketing manager at Virgin EMI, etc.) As a matter of fact, our top favorite content from them comes from these lengthy interviews where people who are STILL working and making strides in the industry are dropping gems.

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