5 Masego Records You’ll Be Stuck On For Days

The American-Jamaican Trap House Jazz artist seems to be gaining serious momentum with his latest release, Mystery Lady. The artist is simply undeniable. His voice is smooth, his lyrics full of meaning, his instrumentals revere in organic elements and his infamous sax, the constructs are epic, and everything he touches turns to catchy earworms. A legend in the making. Below we offer you the best 5 records for you to listen to if you’re just now finding out about Masego.

5. Mystery Lady

Starting with his most recent music video, Mystery Lady (over 4 millions views in one month), Masego brings a multitude of highly appealing ingredients to the table. It’s a song that entertains the crowd by rejoicing in the layered vocals giving off a chant-like effect. The nice instrumental switches spice up the record and keep the audience engaged from start to end. The collaborating artist, Don Toliver, is an excellent fit for the calmness and musical tranquility of the record. The visuals are very laid back but with undertones of sophistication. A 5 star record. Favorite Lyrics:Cursе of the talented еverywhere I go/ They wanna change clothes and pose/ But my wife be in my dreams, bruhPerfect Mood: flirting with a crush.

4. Queen Tings

A lot more minimalistic in its sonic features, Queen Tings is a very romantic, jazzy record that’s best consumed with low energy expectations. It won’t get you pumped or motivated, but it will have you feeling that beat and sax, reminding you of a slower version of latin ballroom dances. If you’re not into that type of music, it may not be your cup of tea but it’s a beautiful song that is not for overthinking or over analyzing. Favorite Lyrics:Me gangsta man, ya queen ting/ And me and you together is a simple sweet thing/ Me bash ya big ting, me bash ya big thingPerfect Mood: Great Gatsby type of party.

3. Favorite Tings

One of his top earworm records, Favorite Tings features heavy drums, breathtaking use of back vocals, finger snaps, Masego’s usual pitch-perfect voice, a suave piano, and my oh my, did you peep the visuals? thank you Amazon for having put money behind an actual bonafide artist! Favorite Lyrics:Cream-colored ponies and crisp apple strudels, uh/ Doorbells and sleigh bells/ And schnitzel with noodles/ Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings/ These are a few of my favorite thingsPerfect Mood: Drinking enough to take your high heels off and break into swing steps.

2. Just A Little

Just A Little embodies the golden age of jazz juxtaposed to modern times. The record is for expensive taste. The vocals are soulful while keeping a swag factor to it. Masego’s sax is potent and steals the show the entire time except for when the artist sings. Sheesh! So much greatness in such little time! Favorite Lyrics: You’re driving way too fast for my good/ And that ain’t right, see we don’t drive the same/ And I don’t wanna play with ya/ She tell me take off your cool/ Well maybe you ain’t cool enoughPerfect Mood: Feeling too cool for school.

1. King’s Rant

King’s Rant transposes cinematic epicness to an audio experience. The low pitch echo every time he says “King, King of the garden” is too much to handle. The lyrics are deeply autobiographical and we like the not-so-subtle jabs thrown at A-listers who employ ghostwriters to make hit records (And no n**** I won’t get a ghostwriter). King’s Rant becomes the more impactful when you realize that Masego carries the appeal of the song on his own. There’s something extremely gorgeous about creating a dope record by your own sheer artistc power. Favorite Lyrics:I do everything, I don’t need no help/ So don’t be talkin’ ’bout Masego is slept on/ J Cole, Will Smith in my cell phone/ You lucky I don’t wanna be famousPerfect Mood: getting smooth motivation.

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