Get A Pack by Rockstargod, An Opulent Banger For The Clubs

2020 has taken away most of the partying, dancing, and turning it up. It did not take away however the bonafide entertainers prolonging the good vibes for all of us through their music. One such artist is Rockstargod who left the hard thoughts for others and went all in for club vibes while in the comfort of his own home on his latest track, Get A Pack. The record attains the unconventional triumph of engaging the listener without delving into too much lyricism. Maybe it’s the laid back beat with a serious swag oomph, maybe it’s the rockstar aura we get from the artist, maybe it’s the catchy hook, or maybe it’s a combination of all 3 ingredients. Whatever way you approach it though, Get A Pack is undeniably worthy of repeated plays.

Get a pack, get a pack/ Go ahead b*tch I’m remixing that/ Spitting facts spitting facts/ I heard these n***** ain’t really how they act” kicks off the atmosphere Rockstargod after an intro of epic proportions. The instrumental is unmistakably synthetic but executed with refined taste and flawless mastering. What instigates a firm sign approval is the autotuned voice that stays, by some miracle, comprehensible. You know by now that we at Blue Rhymez Entertainment don’t really support artists who seem to be inventing an entire language of their own. Rockstargod on the other hand, merges the modern rap particularities with enough clarity to still appeal to old-school hip hop heads.

Had to get a pack/ I heard these n***** like to cap/ I ain’t posting in a trap/ My phone ring then I’m driving ‘cross the map/ These h*es sing but I’m really spitting facts/ Work bling and you know I’m spitting facts.” The self-explanatory lyrics are succinct and abide the same rhyme for an entire 7 bars before switching to the next sound group: “Got the drugs/ The work will lock/ When you mix it in a pot/ G shock/ When we shake the pot/ Create a lot of blocks/ Go ahead spin a block/ Put that n**** on Fox” The thick drums and crisp synth are the top contenders for the earworm factor of Get A Pack.

The music video is a fun representation of the strip club like vibes, featuring scantily clad women twerking next to Rockstargod and another scene of the rap artist with a Henny bottle in his hands talking to someone else at a table. Rather creative for the limiting circumstances we were forced in on a global scale. Peep the Rockstar Games-like chain. It makes sense since the two names coincide. Our preference though, is the RSG chain, from Rock Star God. It’s the little details that make the difference between boring your fans and instigating their curiosity. Rockstargod is decidedly an upcoming quality entertainer. We appreciate the flawless hair and eye-catching bling.

Get A Pack is a fun composition using autotune as an enhancement and acting as a contemporary flavor rather than relying on it entirely and Rockstargod is an artist of greedy keenness to turn both adult listeners and Gen Z-ers into permanent fans.

Song Credits: Rockstargod – Songwriter, Performer; Spaceybeats – Sound Engineer.

Make sure you add the song to your playlists on Amazon HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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