Outta Town by Wavy Supreme, A New Type Of Rap Banger

Today’s featured song is a banger but not your usual type. Wavy Supreme’s flow and bars complement and even enhance the instrumental for his top record to date, Outta Town. The artfully intercalated repetitions and concise rhymes render the record a fun, strong staple piece in Wavy Supreme’s discography. Also… the video is on fire and the girls are dangerously appealing! Click below to watch the NSFW visual for Outta Town but come back to further read what to pay attention to while listening to Wavy Supreme. Enjoy!

After the spicy “Oh my God!” intro adlib, we observe a pompous and distinctive enough of a far sounding synth that heightens the mystery surrounding Outta Town. So far, it is not clear whether this shall be a banger or a laid back rap record. The resounding music echo gives it an undertone of eerie atmosphere. Right around 15 seconds, we hear a phone-like filter of the artist’s voice saying: “I go outta town with a bad b*tch/ I go outta town with a bad b*tch/ And we coming back with elastics/ I was first in all my classes.” While what we’ll call the cosmic piano, roots the track in suspense.

When the beat drops, the hook kicks: “I go outta town with a bad b*tch/ And we coming back with elastics/ I was first in all my classes/ They say she the baddest, I bag itWavy Supreme’s voice is regal and unflappable which sets the song in a very unique spot on the market: a chilled banger. The chorus is persistent and repetitive which renders it a super earworm. You might be a straight woman but you’ll be singing about going outta town with bad b*tches and bagging it 😀 you’re forgiven!

The first verse is a nice, swift change from the melodic hook, being a lot more staccato in its dynamic: “I’m with the robbers and scammers/ Won’t be a broke boy cause I’m not a coward/ We both smoking loud but we know my sh*t louder/ You gon’ see a difference when you put in more hours.” The overtly taunting demeanor could be taken as pure entertainment or as a direct warning. We guess it depends on who’s listening to the record. The moniker Wavy Supreme serves the artist well in this instance for the verse’s flow is relatively fast-paced and even the voice timbre changes from a deep baritone to a bordering tenor. Wavy skills indeed.

By now it is more than clear that Outta Town is all about the IDGAF attitude, which is then confirmed by the following bars: “But we don’t give a f*ck/ All my b*tches wild as f*ck/ […]/ Pistols tucked, pistols tucked, pistols, tucked/ All of my n***** got pistols tucked/ Shoot ’em up, shoot em up, shoot em up/ If a n**** wanna war with us” hip hop heads will appreciate the aggressive attitude that fortunately doesn’t turn grimey. It plays with the notion but it only ends with a conditional threat. The music continues its monochromatic vibes and helps Wavy Supreme emphasize his message and strong, curt rhyme pattern. A multitude of components ending up as a high-quality musical singularity.

After a couple more repeats of the hook, Outta Town reaches it’s entire 2 minutes and 42 seconds. What is most surprising is that the record feels a lot shorter than its official length. We would have sworn the song lasted 1 minute and 30 seconds, but it’s almost double that. And that’s wonderful as making a song appear less than its time, is only a skill of the masters.

Wavy Supreme is an artist of high caliber making the minimalistic beat base its glory on his bigger-than-life lyrics, his extensible flow, and his too-cool-for-school baritone voice.

Song Credits: Shevon Justin Jackson (Wavy Supreme) – Songwriter, Performer.

Make sure you add the record on Amazon HERE, on Apple Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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