Bounce Back by Jersey Mic, An Earnest Pulse Of Spiritual Optimism

When you know, you know. Today’s song is in a secluded spot on the market: when talent meets purpose and quality music. That ladies and gentlemen is Bounce Back by Jersey Mic. The rap artist flaunts a hefty vocabulary, an ample flow, a purposeful intent behind the lyrics, and an ever so funereal vibe attached to the beat. Best part? Jersey Mic knows the actual value of his record and openly acknowledges it: “I’m getting love and support from people I barely even know. Dave East, Redman, even Nas’s daughter, Destiny, liked this song.

Bounce Back starts with great savor and particularity, letting those airy choir voices take the lead and abruptly then interrupted by a yelling voice asking “Are you not entertained? Are you NOT entertained?” You gotta love a dramatic, theatre-like touch on the intro. Then in comes Jersey Mic announcing himself and sort of balancing out the cinematic epicness and graveness with a light, curt laughter then diving in straight into spitting bars: “I have master plans, I bet the masses won’t understand/ It takes two to tango, that’s why troubles holding my hands/ Undisputed and ruthless, an atheist isn’t clueless/ On a prowl, searching for that same heavenly man” 😮 Jersey Mic just beckoned the audience to take a seat in the deepest corners of his mind.

F*ck hate, keep the faith up/ Work hard, kick my feet up/ And they can’t relate or defeat us/ Live life one day at a time” goes the commendably earnest narrative. Maybe some of this lyrical charisma comes from his own influences as per Jersey Mic’s admission for Blue Rhymez Entertainment: “Nas is the biggest inspiration of my career. This song was written and recorded at the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic. I felt like the world was in a stasis. All my life, I feel like I’ve been slept on, unappreciated and forgotten. Now that I’ve harnessed my God-given talent, I am ready to bounce back after a long break.

The hook of Bounce Back keeps a pulse of excitement and optimism: “Watch how I bounce back/ Over time, count stacks/ Turned – nothing to something/ I can tell you all about that” This section of the record is endearing as it has an undertone of old-school rap mannerism: the back and forth flow bounce, the perspicuous pronunciation, the occasional breath into the mic, the layered vocals for emphasis. True hip hop heads will appreciate.

The second verse seals Jersey Mic’s bonafide lyricist status, entertaining the audience from touches of grandeur (Rage of a titan, but bless the land that’s full of hatred/ Sacred soul I possess, my birth created a stasis), to openly crediting God for his mental and artistic endurance (God’s son, he knows me well/ Picked me up when I always fell/ Vessel of truth – I embody it well.) Jersey Mic does this one thing effortlessly. And that is switching between self-narrative and audience-focused advice. Subsequently, in our humble opinion, Jersey Mic’s finest lyrical moment on Bounce Back is comprised within the following 4 bars: “Not everyone’s going to believe/ Why you work so hard, to achieve/ For what it’s worth, you know what it means/ One life, one love, chase yo dreams.”

Bounce Back is a record worth taking an interest in as spirituality remains at the center of the narrative while veiled in first-person depiction. The modern production with old-school alterations also makes for a most exclusive mesh that will appeal to a large audience.

Song Credits: Micheal Watkins (Jersey Mic) – Writer, Recording Artist.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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