Pre-Release: The 2020 Album By Stevie Sightz, An Enchanting Spiritual Blizzard Of 13 Records

We recommend you open Stevie Sightz’ Bandcamp page HERE in a new tab, press Play, and come back to simultaneously digest the album we’ve thoroughly reviewed for you below. If you think mainstream music is filled ad nauseam with irrelevant topics and blank messages, Stevie Sightz’ 2020 Album is what you need to guide you through 2021.

1. 2020 Intro

The wobbling synth is a comforting sound to the old-school music lovers. Stevie Sightz shortly after introduces himself thus astutely making sure the audience remembers the artist and his vocal timbre. Might seem like a small thing but it works time and time again! “This is 2020. It’s a peek behind the curtains. So many things been going on…” continues the rap artist right before hitting the listener with his smooth flow and translucid pronunciation: “It ain’t enough time to explain/ Thoughts in my mind from this pain/ Oppressing the kingdom and protest with a sign for my name

As Stevie Sightz raps with an ironically calm fervor, as in you feel he’s passionate about his message but he’s not overdoing it to the point of sounding like an agenda, the drums get heavier and the light claps kick in. The unison of elements gives off early Kanye West vibes. When he cared about the music and not about running for president. Stevie Sightz stoically pushes for reminding the audience that “People don’t want the Lord anymore/ They just trying to make it” and revealing that his words and music are a mission from God. As the song approaches its end, the rap artist’s voice slowly fades in the distance and the instrumental takes the lead.

2020 Intro is actually the furthest thing from just an intro. It is a record artfully produced and delightfully detailed on the modern conflicting spirituality of all people caught up in the material pursuit.

Song Credits: Othello Kwaidah For Othello Beats – Music Producer, Steven Williams (Stevie Sightz) – Artist, Songwriter.

2. Testimony

My name is Stevie Sightz and this is 2020. I live a life of purpose and I was born for this. This is my Testimony. So sit back and listen.” goes the opening of the 2nd record, Testimony. Stevie Sightz apparently constructed his songs in such a manner as to be easily recognizable whether you buy the entire album or just one song. Curious! Does this mean we will get these songs released in 2021 as singles? Let’s see!

The flow is very similar to 2020 Intro and so is the music, this time with rather stringent claps and smoother drums. Still, a very minimalistic production style that serves Stevie Sightz right as his music is more about the message he’s promoting and not necessarily the beat. Testimony, however, takes a more direct approach, with the rap bars displaying an undertone of anger mixed with disdain for the morally corrupt individuals: “This life is a circus, too many clowns/ Too many lions around trick the crowds/ And bow with the curtains” – woosh! talk about imagery!

So what you sayin’ Sightz?” unexpectedly asks a woman’s voice, to which the man of the hour delves into rhymes that make up a prayer for the lost souls: “Forgive ’em and prepare ’em right/ Heal the angelessly and back to get it right”. Testimony at this point takes on a sudden life of its own, hypnotizing the listener completely and entirely into ruminating the spoken words of Stevie Sightz.

Song Credits: Othello Kwaidah For Othello Beats – Music Producer, Steven Williams (Stevie Sightz) – Artist, Songwriter.

3. Back Like I Never Left

This is interesting… The beat starts off with a bright organ-like sound pouncing back and forth leading the listener to believe Back Like I Never Left might just break the pattern thus far. And break the pattern it does! We also note a short voice sample being repeated for a moment before we get to hear any raps. This is good.

As soon as Stevie Sightz begins to recount his rough upbringings, you get a strong aftertaste of a Jay-Z-like record. The type that you can rock with both when you want to kick back and when you want to get motivated. And thankfully for the audience, the artist also switches up his flow, making Back Like I Never Left a great spike in the listening experience. Around 0:55, when he says “I’m coming for everything the devil stole/ Everything the world control”, we observe the rap taking an inclination almost towards singing. Subsequently, one of the proudest moments of the record is the very hook: “I’m back on the scene and I’m back like I never left/ Back on the scene and I’m back like I never left/ I want it all back/ Give it to me now/I’m taking it now!”

The second verse touches on illustrious figures for Black Americans, such as Malcom X and Tupac, exposing the shootings and violence as being directly rooted in evil. Not an easy or enjoyable narrative to churn through but rather a desperately needed one for all nations to tune into.

Song Credits: Othello Kwaidah For Othello Beats – Music Producer, Steven Williams (Stevie Sightz) – Artist, Songwriter.

4. It Ain’t Over Yet

The minor notes of the broken piano make for a doleful intro. With his usual “yeah” and “Stevie Sightz” ad-libs, the artist grants the audience astonishing sincerity on his beginnings: “Came from the streets white and yellow lines/ […]/ Until the Lord brought me out that ghetto life.” Does he ever breathe? Albeit sounding like the flow he had in the first two records, It Ain’t Over Yet gets a special oomph due to the amazing rapidity of Cordell Paige’s rhyming dynamic and Stevie Sightz’ vocalist aspect.

The hook is a beautiful sequence sung by Stevie Sightz whose seamlessly matches the gravitas in Cordell Paige’s rap on the third verse. What stands out is the modern production style, dabbing in some autotune but with tasteful care as not to overshadow the real, natural voice.

You still got time to get it right/ You got the rest of your days/ I seen killers converting/ Prison sentence reversed” – the frequently expansive story telling ability of both artists is something to admire. The myriad of details the artists adorns It Ain’t Over Yet with, set Christian Rap in a lane of its own.

Song Credits: Shawn Yee/Triple X beats – Music Producer, Steven Williams (Stevie Sightz) – Artist, Songwriter, Cordell Paige – Artist, Songwriter.

5. Altar Call

If you want it then you can have it (yes)/ Arms wide open/ For the lost and the broken/ For the many call and get to be chosen” – goes the hook from the very beginning that accounts substantially for the glory of Altar Call. And we get the incredible acoustic pleasure of witnessing the saxophone in its grand splendor. The sax alone renders Altar Call the most organic composition of the 2020 album.

Waiting? What you waiting on?/ Cause the Lord is calling/ Daily messages playing on/ Repeat just like your favorite song” speaks Stevie Sightz directly to the listener. He never ceases to impress the public with his plenitude of Christian-related topics. One would think that after 2-3 songs he’d run out of ideas to rap about while the artist just digs deeper.

The heartfelt inspiration comes straight from his real-life experience as a man who’s chosen to strengthen his faith over pursuing a music career back in the day: “I was born in Detroit Michigan and I started my Rap career in high school. I was participating in local talent shows and eventually attracted the attention of A&Rs from J Records & Roc-A-Fella Records. But I walked away from music to get my life together with the LORD first” shared Stevie Sightz for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

Song Credits: Othello Kwaidah For Othello Beats – Music Producer, Steven Williams (Stevie Sightz) – Artist, Songwriter.

6. Well Done

We initially thought those background vocals were bought samples then we read the credits and we lost our jaw somewhere on the floor. Impeccable family work! Stevie Sightz makes Well Done sound like God’s plan recounted from the past to the present moment, “Through the trials and tribulations/ The wildest situations/ The times we contemplatin’”, keeping God’s presence at the front and center of the record.

Stevie Sightz’ creative co-existence with God’s laid out trajectory and his own personal pursuit began a long time ago: “In 2012, I returned to music feeling like the young people were in need of some Christian Hip Hop that dealt with life from a different perspective and “The Witness Stand” was the first album I put out. It garnered plenty of attention from many Christians and un-churched individuals across the world. The album was 80 percent produced by me.”

All I wanna hear Him say is Well Done/ […] / The table waiting on you so welcome/ To the place where I been waiting all along for you”- the hook marks a most unique and eye-opening perspective. Not many have thought to speak as through God’s eyes. Simply beautiful.

Song Credits: Othello Kwaidah For Othello Beats – Music Producer; Steven Williams (Stevie Sightz) – Artist, Songwriter; Patience, Patrick and Katrina Williams (The Williams Family) – Background Vocalists.

7. Bare Bones

Bare Bones is a gorgeous hybrid composition between pure poetry and Stevie Sightz’s insightful rap bars. An artistic choice that is awfully brave. You’re hurt by lies/ The devil’s real/ Sins a bottle/ We pop a pill/ Popularity/ You see celebrity/ Stardom seems to be of mass appeal/ Many go down the wide road of destruction” recites the voice of imposing grandeur.

The omnipresent feeling of impending change is confirmed by Alan Rocdwell Johns, “I walk in freedom, exonerated/ The times are changing/ The man of David”, and then reassures the audience with a melodic motif: “Manifest through every breath/ My soul and spirit collaborate/ Through every step/ Ain’t no need to elaborate through academics/ Ain’t no acting in life/ It’s just an act of living

There’s a certain picturesque feel to Bare Bones that stands out from the array of the 13 records. Maybe it’s the throwback type of beat, the mesh between spoken word and rap, Stevie’s golden age-like flow, or the union of all three.

Song Credits: Othello Kwaidah For Othello Beats – Music Producer; Steven Williams (Stevie Sightz), Alan Rocdwell Johns – Artists, Songwriters; Elia Qasim – Poetry Author and Narrating Voice.

8. Publicity Stunt

The charmingly passionate Stevie Sightz goes berserk in a nice way on Publicity Stunt. No hooks, no specific structure, no earworm factor, no pre-build or beat drop, just bars on bars on bars. This might be our top favorite record thus far: “I don’t do this for the presses/ I do this ’cause the message is real/ And my depression is a curse wrapped in a blessing/ The last shall be first so I’m never coming in second.”

The rap artist also gently pays an indirect but warm tribute to his mother: “Tell mama I said this:/ I know I lived my young life reckless/ But every lesson hanging on me like the fliest necklace” This personal tinge serves as a great reminder that Stevie Sightz is just like you and me, with regrets, with a family, with a past, with hope. The polished music sound abides the predominantly chill mood of “2020”, letting the vocals and rhymes shine before all else and the ever-so-spiritual lessons Stevie underlines, are rather inarguable.

Around 01:39 you can hear a nice flow alteration transposed to a sort of whirl with no breathing or pauses in between. This change acts almost like a bridge for the record making it that much more entertaining and thrilling to follow until the end.

Song Credits: Othello Kwaidah For Othello Beats – Music Producer, Steven Williams (Stevie Sightz) – Artist, Songwriter.

9. Ride For Tha Faith

The intensity Ride for tha Faith grants the audience with, is one to talk about for days. Stevie Sightz mustered a ravenous appetite for proving himself, his artistry, and his beliefs that he constantly emphasizes as the 2020 album is approaching completeness. His original lines of thought excitedly lead the public to many areas of his personal life while also addressing topics like mask-wearing and Matt Damon.

Stevie Sightz kicks off the song with a chill intro, introducing himself and speaking to the audience in a monologue-like manner. And at 22 seconds in, he raps with an obvious fervency, dropping pop culture references quite early in: “60 miles an hour/ Pushing down the mile ah/ Million likes’ll give you Power/ No Kanan/ No Milk and Honey/ For fame its/ Appeal for Money/ No gains/ Goodwill Hunting/ Matt/ Damon-/Been Borne again

The hook is abundant in ad-libs, bridging the gap between the very laid-back instrumental and Stevie Sightz’s boiling energy: “Yo I live for the man/ So I’ll die for the faith- ( yeah )/ I Ride for the faith. (I’m riding for it)/ I’ll ride for the faith- (facts)”. The Biblical references the artist keeps immerging his song in repeatedly can’t pass without remark. They are the glue of Ride for tha Faith and help unifying the message it sends. 

Song Credits: Steven Williams (Stevie Sightz) – Artist, Songwriter; Othello Kwaidah for Othello Beats – Producer; Toneworx Studios Grosbeck Michigan – Mixing, Recording, Mastering.

10. Foolish Love

The notably eminent piano announces a song for the heart. Stevie Sightz proceeds to assert the context: “This goes out to the big-hearted. Yeah. Who get taken advantage of ’cause people take your kindness for weakness. ‘Cause they don’t understand that the love that’s in you come from a different place than the hate comes from that’s in them.

The rapper then spits in his usual manner and flow, gallantly swinging back and forth between middle bar rhymes and end rhymes. “Loyalty put me levels above others who play the game/ I lost pieces in the combat to protect the King/ I almost lost a queen moving recklessly, strategy changed.” Foolish Love flaunts an astounding production making it fun and easy for the listener to connect and follow each word.

Heart on my sleeve it’s so hard for me to please but I try ’cause of this… (love!)/ I love the hardest no matter how people target what I’m doing from my heart ’cause of this… (love!)” these lines right here are heartbreaking because you realize Stevie Sightz is right and you get punished for loving with all your heart. But the same lines are dangerous because you might find yourself fangirling over a man who is finally not afraid to speak about his feelings and be vulnerable in front of the entire world. However, we can unanimously agree, the lines are decidedly powerful.

Foolish Love reverberates with a weep-inducing force for those who love too hard. We predict People’s Choice with this one.

Song Credits: Othello Kwaidah For Othello Beats – Music Producer, Steven Williams (Stevie Sightz) – Artist, Songwriter.

11. Pain On Me

This is the first record with a pop undertone that blends surprisingly well with Stevie Sightz’ voice. The airy synth feels like an otherworldly feature, adding an emotional sparkle to the record. “I spent way too many nights waiting on you with this pain on me/ Hands on my head I know somebody been praying for me” – Stevie can sing! Yes! That is an absolute shocker for many rap artists can’t hold a note for the life of them, making it painful for everyone else listening. Stevie Sightz, on the other hand, seems to be the whole package.

Can I vent for just a moment?/ On a quest for this atonement/ I keep my mind on the one who value my time like a Rollie/ Lost in my diagnosis/ Paranoid with psychosis/ People envy when you’re chosen/ Then they kick you when you at the lowestraps Stevie Sightz with a precipitous fervor while still rooting his perspective in faith, God, and spiritual evolution. The gravitas is matched by the apparently distant, but very present bass throughout the composition. It is quite impossible not to like this song. It has commercial potential and it’s a nice change of pace considering we’re nearing the end of the project.

Song Credits: Othello Kwaidah For Othello Beats – Music Producer, Steven Williams (Stevie Sightz) – Artist, Songwriter.

12. Summer Madness

Summer Madness starts off with a lo-fi vibe then shortly reverts to the high-quality audio we’ve been used to thus far. The flow is a strong reminder of track number 8, Publicity Stunt. Peep the groove bass that silently but firmly adds a cool factor to the record. “The Universe in my summer breeze with my soul align”, “Very superstitious, Stevie status my music is Christmas”, “Too many caught up in their standards to know what the truth is” – are just a few of the lines that comprise the message worthy of deep respect. One thing we must mention as it has become translucid by now: Stevie Sightz raps for Christianity but does not lose his sense of self. We find this to be most interesting as many people who dedicate their lives entirely to the word of God, sooner or later find themselves only in a servitude position. Stevie Sightz however maintains a strong character and personality. An attribute that will set this soul rap artist apart.

Song Credits: Othello Kwaidah For Othello Beats – Music Producer, Steven Williams (Stevie Sightz) – Artist, Songwriter.

13. Wait Til My Change Come

Stevie Sightz knows how to arrange his songs as to cohesively integrate 13 entire records to tell a story. His story. From the introductory seconds, the melancholic but sweet piano announces a departure-like mood. Joe Poré’s “woah-ow” rendition in the background takes the feel up a notch. This is stellar planning.

I saw the road to perdition/ Tryna stay forgiven/ While giving all to the business/ Of the Father that I’m living for/ And I’m wrestling with the angel/ Won’t stop until I’m different/ Too many flaws in this vessel/ Got this water tasting bitter” – the prominent spiritual commitment to inspire others through his own life and struggle is the core, as usual, of the record. “The greener the grass – the more fertilizer was in it” follows Stevie Sightz shortly after. A unique take on the infamous saying. It feels like the rap artist could take any common quote and turn it into high-class emotional art.

It’s time for a change in my life/ I did what I did/ It’s so hard to escape/ But I gotta learn and live my life/ Ima wait til my change come/ And you know it’s time” – repeats harmoniously Joe Poré. The guy is a phenomenal singer. And an excellent choice to conclude the 2020 album. He created an R&B earworm on a very much Rap-only track.

Song Credits: Mr. Business – Music Producer, Steven Williams (Stevie Sightz), Joe Poré – Artists, Songwriters.

2020 is an artistic, laborious, complete, spiritual album that will have you exceptionally fond of your new favorite Christian artist, Stevie Sightz. For those that have never tried this genre before, we highly recommend your first experience of Gospel-Rap-Soul-R&B to be this very project.

Connect with Stevie Sightz on Instagram HERE, on YouTube HERE, on Facebook HERE.

Add Stevie’s music to your spiritual playlists on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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