Here’s How To Avoid Being Considered An Influencer Over Being A Musician

In simple words: don’t be desperate and have patience. In more details, read below how to avoid being mistaken for a YouTuber, IG-er, Tik Tok-er, or whatever else that implies an online presence first and all else second. If you want to make a living mainly off your music, you’ll have to take the road less traveled but it will pay off in a MAJOR way 5 years down the road if you start TODAY.

Photo by Diggity Marketing

It is seriously tempting to grab your DSLR and start taking photos of the pretty things around you. Yourself included. After all, so many Gen Z-ers seem to get rich without even trying. They appear to get rich overnight and some have successful music careers too. If they could do it, why couldn’t YOU? Right? Not really.

Influencer marketing is just growing at insane rates and it only makes sense. And however appealing their job title sounds, if your calling is music, stay away from giving off influencer vibes. Some of you, preponderantly women, seem to forget that you want people to follow you for your MUSIC. Not body, not makeup skills, not cool house. MUSIC.

Of course, it is easier to make a career as an influencer rather than a musician. It is a thousand times easier. You just need good photos, a couple thousand dollars invested in marketing, some press, and you’re good to go. Thus, a full-time music career is not something that regular people are ready to wrap their heads around. It takes a certain type of special to pull that off.

If you can’t live your life without doing music and despite it all, you always find yourself still wanting to make it, don’t dilute your life goal with the short-term satisfaction of getting likes. Yes, you will get A LOT of attention if you got a 6 pack and a peach bum to show off, but when you’ll try to pack a venue, there’ll be crickets. Ask Kat Deluna what happened when she didn’t prioritize music and got naked instead. Sex can only sell that much.

Here’s how you avoid becoming an influencer. Ask yourself, before uploading ANYTHING to social media: Does this promote my music? If you’re not sure, it’s a no. Because the YES is loud and clear. So let’s say you got a gorgeous photo of yourself on a boat in Hawaii. Does that photo promote your music? NO. But if you add your song about summer love as a track to that photo, it becomes a YES. In the first case, you can’t put it up. In the 2nd case, you can and you should. Another example. Let’s assume you stumbled over old photos from a marvelous trip you had before Covid hit the world. If you upload a #tbt gallery of it on IG, does it promote your music? Hell to the no. But if you do a slideshow of those pictures, add lyrics on the bottom, and music in the background, then by all means it is a YES!

Whatever you do in the online world, 99% of the time it has to revolve around music. YOUR music.

One question to save your future! Does this promote my music?

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