Smoke & Drive by T Jetson, Aesthetics For Days And Lyrics For Years

A sudden new world of purple aesthetics, high-quality production, dreamy vibes, meaningful lyrics. The author of this otherworldly record titled Smoke & Drive is none other than T Jetson. A promising name, a noteworthy artistic spirit, and an illustrious lyricist who’s not afraid to merge the likes of God with the very earthly temptations. Today’s record is a beautiful virtual trip that not only entertains but also sustains your intellect.

The first organ notes are sultry, mysterious, and heavy on the delivery despite the airy undertone. The sudden drums don’t ease the vibe. Au contraire, the drums intensify the expectation. Two curt ad-libs and we’re greeted by T Jetson: “You know I smoke when I drive/ Hit the gas an’ get high” – the impassive voice is fit for the high narrative. The repeated echoes of the last words give off strong retro Kanye throwbacks. Which we love ’cause that was the Kanye everyone fell in love with anyway!

As the music goes to delve in edgy silence, T Jetson starts his rap: “You know I smoke when I drive you know I love to get high/ Lil n**** go an’ get yours you know I gotta get mine/ Throw me the ball coach/ I’m Randy Moss on the goal line/ I’m minding my business my mind is my business/ An’ God making sure that my soul fine” – the swift God mention acts like a spiritual shocker as it is the furthest thing from one’s mind when talking about smoking and driving. There’s something very peculiar and interesting happening with T Jetson’s flow. He kicked off the verse with the same dynamic as the hook but then the further he goes, the faster he raps. Subsequently, Smoke & Drive starts feeling like a work of art to be studied rather than a rap record to be listened.

T Jetson proceeds to shock his audience yet again: “See I play the back and the front line/ When they ran in the crib all the drugs mine” almost as if intentionally playing on the contrasting duality between drugs and God. And if you didn’t believe us, peep the following lyrics: “Look when ya time’s up/ What did you do with your time? huh/ What did you build in your prime?/ I’m patient with mine I’m destined to shine cuz” T Jetson reverted right back to spiritual talk in his usual deep, authoritative voice.

The second verse carries a lingering residue of the high-end artsy vibe from the first part of the record but this time it provocatively and willfully dissects the materialistic priorities: “You gotta be hungry/ You gotta need it and you gotta want it/ The by any mean team/ Turn nothing to something/ You know how I’m coming

The visuals are just as dreamy as the record is. Filled with colors, a car racing in the sky, and purple cities that lay dormant. When asked about what inspired the creation of Smoke & Drive, T Jetson shares: “This record is all about reflection. Most people love to smoke and drive. They love to think to keep the peace of feeling alive . This is for us, the people who love the simple things in life

Song Credits: Taquan Bradford (T Jetson), Vince Waters (Mac Sauce Beats) – Engineer; Jay Smith (Jay Hunta Beats) – Producer.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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