Realer Than Real by Ka$ino, An Unexpected Hybrid Rap Record

If you want an upcoming artist that is guaranteed to offer you high-quality records consistently, Ka$ino is who you listen to. His newest single, Realer Than Real off the Da Coldest To Do It album, follows the rap artist’s usual unflappable manner consolidated by the moderately paced instrumental. Ka$ino knows how to entertain and keep a crowd moving by implementing both catchy hooks and singable verses. His rap is stylistically hard but melodically pleasant. His style is becoming very well-defined and clear by now.

Skip to 0:51 for song to start

 And as always, we hit the nail on the head with the perceived vibes as Ka$ino confirms: “I wrote Realer Than Real as I’ve come to the realization that I’ve finally found myself as an artist and this was like the perfect track, perfect vibe, and perfect song! I done f*d around and got in my bag for real!

He’s super smooth with his answers too, always taking the audience back to his records as you’re about to see: “I done f*cked around and got in my bag (Hmm)/ This sh*t too easy baby hate when I brag!/ You ain’t got enough head for all that cap/ I know u hate it’s sad!” At the very beginning he’s singing but keeping a rap demeanor through his attitude and word emphasis. Abiding a winner’s state of mind, the rap artist remarkably ties the verse into the hook having you follow along and not even realizing you’re past it: “Got too much sauce!/ Been boss like Ricky Ross!/ I know they can’t touch me they never could/ Don’t compare it’s gon’ piss me off!/ Had to pull up in 4-door sedan/ It’s tinted but they know the man in it!

The music is leaning towards mellow vibes with a sobre piano warming the tone while the drums take the lead. It’s actually unique how the drums occupy so much space on the instrumental. If we had to split the standing pillars of Realer Than Real‘s production, one third is the voice, one third are the drums, and one third – the piano. The three ingredients work together with incredible force without every clashing with each other. Credit goes to Bankrolla Shota for having pulled off such a curious diversion from the usual song construct.

The second verse is shorter than the first, but is first preceded by a bridge that sounds like a stripped version of the hook: “I kept it realer than real when most woulda folded/ One thing u can’t come back from doin some hoe sh*t!/ She hate when I brag or boast/ I give ’em the real cause that’s what they askin’ for!/ They know I’m the man” – the lyrics of Realer Than Real are generic without pinpointing to a specific situation. This trait makes the song have huge commercial appeal as many people from many areas of life can apply it to their own surroundings.

With imperceptible swiftness, Ka$ino ends the record detailing how he had to cut off certain influences from his personal life: “I had to step back from these n*****/ I was goin’ harden/ Knock the Russ off in from North Brook/ Like Durant I’m balling!

Realer Than Real turns out to be an unexpected hybrid rap record in today’s market by making predominant use of the drums and voice. Lyrically, it is entertaining and lightweight, thus becoming a song to vibe to under almost any circumstance.

Song Credits: Keenan Richardson (Ka$ino) – Artist, Songwriter; James Anthony Ellison Jr. (Bankrolla Shota) – Music Producer; Wilson Burks (KoolKM) – Sound Engineer.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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