David Sparks Interview, The Illustrious R&B Producer Turned Maven Artist

In our book, he doesn’t need introduction. But because we have plenty of ’00s young adults following us, we’ll do our best to do David Sparks justice. The singer, composer, producer, instrumentist was, is, and will be a grand-scale artist with immaculate music quality and elevated commercial appeal. With forty entire years (yes, a four and a zero!) of professional experience, David Sparks’ songs feel like an abrupt call to appreciating the true definition of good music.

David Sparks got that beckoning, infinite gleam in his eyes when singing. You see him – you want to be in the same room as him. You hear his voice – you feel stupid for not having discovered him sooner. With that being said, we’ve had the privilege of being the first media publication to review Dark Side and Everything. So which record is David’s own favorite? “Well that’s hard to say, that’s like asking me which child is my favorite. When I produce and write a song it’s never random. I write with purpose. I feel or see a situation that moves me in a way that I need to speak on. To answer your question, I love feeling loved or happy so I would have to say everything touches me the way I like.” We sure noticed the positive vibes in 90% of his work. The other 10% are reserved for unique pieces like Dark Side. Oh and be ready for unconventional answers because David Sparks has plenty of them!

We have to admit his charm is tenfold more powerful when knowing the man behind the outstanding voice. David was born in Flint, Michigan and currently lives in Charlotte, NC. And if you were wondering how old must he be given the 4 decades of experience, well… he is sixty!!! We know. We know. We couldn’t believe it either! But that’s crazy good news for everyone dreaming of making it as a musician! If you ain’t make it in your twenties, you can still make it later in life. As a social-media-driven generation, we most seriously need more spotlight on adult talent, on seasoned musicians, on fully-developed individuals. So David Sparks, truly thank you for not holding back your age or experience! We need a lot more artists like you to lead us.

David Sparks, Courtesy of David Sparks

Let’s make one thing clear: the only thing separating David Sparks from the famous bunch, is just that: clout. Because he’s got everything else going on for him and more. “The quality of your audio and visual material is outrageously above average. How come you’re holding yourself and your music to such high standards? Is it because of your past experience with Ready For The World?” – oh yes. This was probably the biggest shocker to us! David Sparks learned the ropes of music production and music business from working with the famed ’80s RFTW band who share the Flint provenience and affinity for R&B music. The band is getting plays to THIS DAY! Over 22 million views on their Vevo Channel alone. David offered a MAJOR industry tip in his answer: “No and yes. I know that in order to pique interest in your product, your brand has to be above approach. The quality has to be second to none and ready for performance on any and every platform. Packaging is everything. My experience with producing for RFTW prepared me for the hard and ruthless critique that takes place when you’re trying to get a major label to listen to your story. I want to be ready to drop when the opportunity presents itself.

So you got a lifetime of professional experience in the business. Why the crossover from behind the scenes to in front of the camera?” goes our natural question. “Well I have spent years and years of trying to produce, write, shoot videos, and support other artists that for some reason, don’t get the big picture. Artists today have no work ethics, no loyalty, and want things to happen NOW. They record today and think there’s a deal on the table tomorrow. Today’s artists are lazy and don’t feel they need to put in the work to sharpen their skills, nor do most of today’s artists know that they have to become attractive to a label. If you won’t invest in yourself how do you expect a label to? Once I wanted it more than the artist, it became a problem,” shares David Sparks exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment. The realness though!!! If you’re reading this and feel offended, this is how the world was before prioritizing political correctness. Today is a good day ❤

Detailing on what catalyzed him to become an artist, David continues to expand on the subject: “We also had a 2.5 million dollar deal on the table for one album that we had already created that was crashed by the artist we were working with. Just unbelievable. I created a Facebook Group page, Carolina Unsigned Artist, to help promote unsigned artists and even had Melvin Riley, who sold millions of records as the lead singer of Ready For The World, give the artists useful insight on getting into this business (MELVIN RILEY ON THE C.U.T. with DAVID SPARKS). With that being said I grew tired and started singing my own songs, I started investing in myself, and surprisingly people loving my voice and songs. I have actual fans and I love them” yes David, you do have actual fans and with this interview, you got a couple more of them here in Italy.

“Can you describe your writing process? You play a lot of instruments (all guitar types from what we’ve seen and the piano), you sing like no other, you produce, you compose, so how do you even know where to start from?” we follow with a rather technical question because it is overwhelming just enumerating his abilities! “Well, I start with a reason and the need to create a song. Then I move to the melody in my head and what I want to say. Then I lay the instrumentation. I usually start with the keys. Then I add the bass guitar, then the drums, and it grows from there. Once the instrumental is done, I ride around in my truck singing different melodies until I get the one that best describes the message and marriage with the track.” Lord Almighty this is titanic work!

David Sparks, Courtesy of David Sparks

What’s more fun to you: live performing, studio recording, or acting on the video set?” to which David, in his usual sincere manner replies: “Live performing! The latter represents work 😀 I love video shooting for what it brings to the brand but it’s still work lol!

As you’ve seen at least the two music videos by now, you’ve undoubtedly been hit by the realization that whatever David Sparks writes, STICKS! “We can’t ignore the fact that your records are incredible earworms. Every single one of them. Do you intentionally set off to write catchy songs or is that something that you don’t necessarily keep in mind when crafting new music?” The maestro goes to open the curtains for his public: “Yes! I set out to create songs that would easily become sing-alongs because I like to engage the listeners. Every song should capture the motions of your audience, and draw them into the participation of your performances. I want my audience to be fully emerged in the record.” Dear rap artists reading this interview, take notes. Stop with all the bars on bars on bars. Drop a catchy hook every now and then. Your fans will thank you.

Probably David’s most eccentric record!

Once you watch There It Is, you understand David Sparks is as lively as any 18-year old Tik Tok-er busting moves on camera. He is not afraid to experiment, to talk about R-rated subjects, or to sport a purple… is that a wig? and don’t forget the LED glasses 😀 He is such a boundless entertainer through and through!

Speaking of his involvement with RFTW, “Just how did you start your path in this industry and how did you end up with Ready For The World?” To which David Sparks shares: “Well I grew up with a bass guitar in hand and at 16 I was a force to be reckoned with. We had several bands at that age and I’ve played with most of the guys in my hometown Flint, who later became famed names. Midnight Star, RFTW, Gardell Harrison, Bo Watson just to name a few. As Ready For The World was still being developed, I left for the Military. Army to be exact. I started producing RFTW once I got out of the Army. I built my own studio in which Ready For The World would, on several accounts, come to record. The rest is history.” Truly remarkable how David, as far back as the 1980s, was already laying the foundation for a sustainable, independent career.

“What keeps the flame still alive within you to pursue music?” – one gotta ask as many career fields don’t even span for as long as David has done music for. “Well, I can’t say it’s a flame, it’s more like a raging fire. It’s a gift and a curse. I don’t depend on music, music depends on me. It is very demanding of time, hell my life. Music has cost me a lot over the years, many times I have sold everything I’ve had to somehow musically turn around to have it all back in my face. I can’t say that I pursue it lol! it pursues me! I am in the studio every day after work, and all weekend. I work hard at creating meaningful music. I make the best of it and enjoy what I create.”

David Sparks during the shooting of There It Is, courtesy of David Sparks

Now here comes one question we been waiting for since the interview started! “Is it harder to make it as a producer in the business or as an artist? and why?” Y’all ready for this?? Here it goes: “I would have to say the artist. There are a lot of parameters that have to be met when pursuing an artist career, far less than a producer’s. Both categories are flooded these days due to the creation of the home studio. As producers, we support various artists that fall under multiple genres, thus allowing one track to be submitted across the board. Unlike the artist who is usually trapped into one genre alone.” Ouch! We know some of you needed to hear this!

“If there’s one advice you could tell your 20-year-old self, what would it be?” we pose another curious question with the intention of learning from this outstanding musical genius. With that being said, we should have added a virtual tip box for this interview ’cause David Sparks is dropping them gems one after another! “To stay true to yourself and your music and to understand that this music biz has nothing to do with what you like but what is selling. I would probably tell myself to flee fast lol.

When asked what music he listens to in his spare time, David unapologetically says: “Me! 😀 that’s the truth! I listen to my playlist of me!” so you funny too? God did not set us all out with the same prerequisites! 😀

“Moment of truth. Did music always pay your bills or did you have to get additional sources of income to stay afloat?” we ask hoping not to sound out of line! “Lol! Music doesn’t pay the bills like I would like it to. I work full time to make this happen. Being in the music biz is all about timing and I’m waiting on mine which I feel is very near.” So if an artist with as much experience and as good of a product as David Sparks’s has the humility to still persist and insist, why you as a rookie even bother lamenting online over the lack of support from the labels? Food for thought!

David says his best memories are from meeting the big named acts. And as for special thanks, he had the following to mention: “I’d like to thank God for my continued existence. Then I’d like to thank my wife for her tireless support while music runs our lives. I’d like to thank Mariana Berdianu for believing in me and showing the world that there is a new artist on the horizon.

An artist of courageous grace. A voice of gargantuan power. A talent of immeasurable skills. This is David Sparks.

Reach out directly to this remarkable artist on his social media (Instagram, Facebook) and make sure you add David’s splendid music to your playlists on Amazon HERE, on YouTube HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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