Iso by AmoBroBro, A Triple Genre Record From The Year 3000

We are once more proven right in our choice of dubbing AmoBroBro as one of the best unconventional upcoming Rap artists. His newest release, Iso, is a sort of modern R&B grand slow motion neatly adapted to satisfy Trap, Rap, and Chopped and Screwed fans alike. You ain’t never hear anything like it. The title, we assume comes from the word “isolation” which AmoBroBro emphasizes twice throughout the record. Funny thing is, you could also take it as I (am) so, then there is iso – as the camera setting, and obviously I so do something, which AmoBroBro uses as well later on. He is living in 3000.

Hello man! what the f*ck? She keep doing this same sh*t. F*ck it!(Ayy)” – opens up AmoBroBro hinting to the possible undoing of a relationship. As the smooth beat drops, the triple genre artist goes to sing-rap: “I feel like I could be at the top by myself/ If all this sh*t could drop it’d be nothing left/ How my heart get split two ways is that for real? (Ayy)/ Blowing on these leaves I’m in the wind like daffodils (Ayy).” He commands the music as if the beat was added to his vocals in post-production. Just when it seems like he’s about to miss a bar, he either slows it down or speeds it up but always fits his rhymes on the instrumental. A true master of unpredictable flow.

As for the hint of an intimate relationship, that truly is the case as AmoBroBro confirms who his split heart belongs to: “Ducking my main like Daffy/ Stretch my side like taffy/ Down you know she had me/ If I’m a dog she Daphne.” To be noted how the Rap singer is always delivering in sheer vocal power: no matter what he does with his flow, his voice tonality stays consistent and he’s permanently in control of it. A quality that’s set to help Iso in commercial reach.

When the second verse kicks in, we realize the first lines act as a hook for they abide the same melodic path as the intro of verse one. That’s a first in our book! AmoBroBro does NOT like standards or tradition. The guy is breaking all rules we know from decades of music production. He’s either crazy or a genius. We’ll let you decide. “That boy sick no mask/ Make sure she can heal me/ Sippin’ on cups like flasks/ Dirty Sprite that sh*t filthy/ Sex on sheets thats silky” AmoBroBro just did yet another intriguing thing with his bars: musically matched “That boy sick no mask” with “Sippin’ on cups like flasks,” thus creating a pattern within the pattern. He knows how to add subtle glow to his records.

I feel like I should call an isolation/ I so, I so, I so I drive by it ain’t no hesitation/ Turned your back know you could never face it/ Turned your back know I can’t move with fake sh*t” – goes the bridge that also sort of coincides with the outro except for the last three lines.

We can all agree by now that the entire Iso song was an extraordinary acoustic experience. It is a gratifying, commensurate reward for lovers of independent music that is parallel in its tendencies to what you’re hearing on the radio. Sort of getting the best of both worlds. And AmoBroBro is an unexpectedly thrilling artist through his non-standardization that he will eventually be revered for.

Song Credits: Alexander Moore (AMoBroBro) – Singer, Songwriter, Engineer.

Make sure you add Iso to your playlists on Amazon Music HERE, on YouTube Music HERE, on Apple Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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