Cigarettes and Perfume by Mark Klaver, A Dance Pop Record Of Therapeutical Value

A record of remarkable rhythmic quality on par with its jarring technical simplicity. That’s Cigarettes and Perfume by Mark Klaver for you. Dabbing into Dance Pop is an ambitious, heavy undertaking when we consider that Mark is known for his Soul Pop records. His vocal mannerism remains intact and his lyrical adaptation to the upbeat music grows charming with every passing second.I really wanted to write a song that got in touch with the imagery of someone going through a bad breakup. I wanted to communicate the conflicting emotions when handling it. One that wants to escape the memory of your ex while also not wanting to let them and the good memories go,” shares Mark Klaver for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

A deep sense of real artistry hits you as soon as you hear the introductory sequence. “Oh yeah, it smells like cigarettes” – leads Mark’s voice with a subtle echo behind it and a curt whistle if you got a sharp ear. The instrumentation thus far seems to have modest dimensions. Which, interestingly enough, works in Mark’s favor. If that would, by general thumb rule, disfavor most singers, it seriously boosts Mark Klaver’s vocal quality. “It’s lonely in here/ Since you left your things to remind me that you dissappeared/ Made it clear/ I should leave you behind me.” Curious take on the age-old narrative of the heartbroken hero. Instead of hurting, he is ready to drop her. We like that.

You ready for this? The hook’s one hell of an intense gratification for house, dance, and electro pop lovers. The earworm melodic line conveys an expressive delight both musically and lyrically. Brooding words on boping music. “It smells like cigarettes and perfume/ I still see your silhouette in my room/ Everywhere I go now I lose my mind.” Mark Klaver just proved he sounds as omnipotent as always when wearing his Electro Pop hat. ⭐

The technical mastery peaks on the second verse when it ironically drops the claps from the first verse. Really smooth, really fine, really impressive. “Like it or not, I been on my knees for too long/ I know that I got to get on my feet/ What’s going on?/ I been stuck in time/ Gotta leave this place” – we could apply the same anguish in regards to the perpetual lockdown we’re in. As you’ll hear, the transitory role is then carried by the two electric guitar strums right before we get to hear yet the most complete and satisfying version of the hook. Breathtaking!

And Lord almighty, as if he’d read our mind, Mark Klaver and his producer gave us a section, right around 02:03 up until 02:17, dedicated to the electric guitar only! Eargasm ❤ In equally spectacular manner, we hear the FX sounds picking up and hyping the atmosphere before the very final repeat of Cigarettes and Perfume hook.

Mark Klaver birthed yet another classic with an identity very unique and separate from his previous, usual Soul Pop masterpieces. Cigarettes and Perfume boasts an abundance of considerable acoustic sophistication that rather accurately echoes modern society’s obsession with emotional substance slapped on danceable tracks. This is golden!

Song Credits: Mark Klaver – Singer, Songwriter; Devin Belanger (Miles Away) – Music Producer.

Make sure you add Cigarettes and Perfume to your playlists on Apple Music HERE, on YouTube Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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