5 Terminal Consequences Of Faking It Till You Make It

The overflood of marketing gurus and self-acclaimed advertising experts, will tell you very often that you need to fake it till you make it. Issue is, most of them are doing the exact same thing. So they’re all faking it till they hopefully make it. How are they faking it? They pay someone to write a marketing book on a freelance website for $250, then pay $100 for fake likes, comments, and engagement, then about $700 in real advertising to show you their fake book, fake clout, but get your real money. What ends up happening in the long run though, is that their followers apply their advice and get no results then get furious at these gurus, leave negative reviews, and overnight the so-called masters of advertising disappear without a trace. We broke it down to show you how the exact same scenario will apply to you and how you’ll go down in flames if you fake your success. Continue reading the 5 terminal consequences of faking it and think twice before paying for dubious clout.

5. You’ll go broke trying to keep up the facade.

Photo by Josh Appel

Fake clout requires continuance. You can’t put out a video with 100k views then have the next one hit only 1k. So in reality, keeping up the fake engagement and views will cost you an arm and a leg. Money that you could have used to get real people interested in your real music for a long time. Granted it wouldn’t have been 100K real views, but you would have had 10k REAL eyeballs.

4. You will lose credibility.

Photo by Noah Silliman

It goes without saying that the online world has put us all under the radar and both mistakes and successes are well documented. Fake your success too much and you’ll lose any real credibility and potential to have gotten somewhere with your career. Nothing screams more of fake followers than when you see someone with 10k fans and only 10 likes. Do you think anyone will do business with such person? No.

3. Your followers will see through you in time and turn away other fans from liking you.

Photo by Papaioannou Kostas

It stings paying for streams, have old fans catch up with the gimmick, and them publicly humiliating you in the comment section or on your social media pages about how fake you are. Worst part is, the higher on a pedestal you place yourself, such as lying about having 2 Lamborghinis and a condo in Miami, the more disappointed your people become when they realize you’re a fraud. Stay humble.

2. You will lead a double life thus sabotaging your future success.

Photo by Syarafina Yusof

Do you know how hard it is to keep track of your own lies? Extremely! You can’t be telling your fans you had a major record deal on the table only to be asked about it in an interview later and you can’t provide ONE single name or factual info. The same way you can’t pretend to have millions of views on your music video and then have to explain your sponsors why you couldn’t sell a single bottle of Red Bull at your listening party. You will waste so much energy and focus on keeping your lies in check that you will soon find yourself not wanting to do music anymore. By default we are biologically created to be honest and when you deceive others, you start a very dangerous process in your brain that might lead you to serious addictions and dangerous behavior because we can lie to the world but we can’t lie to ourselves.

1. You won’t be valued at your real value.

Photo by Nong Vang

You know of Monika Lewinsky, right? No matter what she did after the Bill Clinton scandal, she has forever stayed in the memory of the entire planet as the secretary who s*cked the president’s d*ck. Excuse the french. We know an artist in Italy that bought millions of views on YouTube, got exposed by some fans, and then the same media that talked about him trashed him to the moon and back. Now he’s legally changed his name and nipped his rap career stint in the bud. A shame because the guy was not that bad as a matter of fact. With more patience and resilience he would have had a decent shot at stability. But now people are too enraged to see past his fake clout and won’t acknowledge his real talent. It is stupidly hard to recover after a scandal as an upcoming artist. You don’t have the money, people, or knowledge to do damage control. So the best bet for you is to push forward with your REAL accomplishments, real assets, real fans, real engagement. You will never get disrespected and most importantly, there will be no scandal to overshadow your talent.

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