5 Types Of Content To Upload On YouTube As A Musician

Well hi there curious reader! Today we’re helping out independent artists get a grip on how the YouTube algorithm works when it comes to content and what types to avoid and what types to focus on. This is especially tricky to navigate when you’re a music artist and not just someone trying to be famous or trying to make a career as a YouTuber. So pay attention and take notes!

5. Music Videos

Duh! you might say but… the amount of artists allowing the video directors to upload their clips instead is dumbfounding. If you PAY for a music video, it is YOURS to upload, remix, cut, reproduce, stream, sell. Take what’s yours and ALWAYS be the one to upload your music videos yourself. If you keep spreading out your videos, you won’t get that blue checkmark you so much covet.

4. Compilations Of Smaller Projects

So you like doing 1 minute freestyles? Cool! But for God’s sake… DO NOT upload them as single videos. As a matter of fact, put at least 5 freestyles together and upload them as a continuous 5-minute video on YouTube. Your fans will thank you, the algorithm will love you, and your subs will increase. Be smart.

3. Full Interviews or Interview Highlights

DO NOT waste people’s time with ten 1-minute clips from ONE interview. Put up the entire interview OR put together a 10-min compilation of the best moments of the interview. Do not water down the quality of your YouTube Channel with too many short clips. Your overall rating and social score when you have very few views go considerably down. You have to keep in mind the average number of views you want to CONSISTENTLY and PERMANENTLY achieve with each video you upload.

2. Full Performances And Jam Sessions

We will stress this yet again: YouTube is for long-form content. It is not for your Tik Tok videos or IG stories UNLESS you pile them up in a single video and turn it into… you guessed! A longer video. When you perform several songs at a venue, club, show, don’t put out the songs as separate videos. You’re not Lady Gaga and you’re not Eminem. People won’t go through the headache of individually clicking every song performance. Instead, compile all the songs from the same event in one video and time stamp it in the caption. Thank us later.

1. Entire Albums

Your digital distributor will already upload all of your songs separately. Last thing you wanna do is reupload them yourself, again, with just a different image or cover artwork. If you do care to put up your songs yourself, compile them in a single video that last 30 minutes or one hour or however long your album is. The length of the video alone will boost your organic reach tremendously. YouTube wants people who create substantial entertainment. If you think of Tik Tok videos and how they only want 15 seconds of your time, YouTube is the very antithesis of that. The longer – the better.

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