5 Genres Most Popular Outside US

Music is THE universal language. Apart from entertainment, it is now the primary medium for activism, creating social awareness, and real-time education. With the flood of new artists, old artists, and one-hit wonders, it goes without saying that most listeners struggle placing modern songs into specific genres. So we at Blue Rhymez Entertainment brought you some incredible works from non-US leading artists that you bump to without even knowing it. Have fun while educating yourself on the current affair of international music trends!

5. House

Straight out the gate is House music. At this very moment the genre is led by the smash-hit Friday by English DJ Riton and Scottish internet celebrities Mufasa and Hypeman. It currently sits pretty at number 38 on the Billboard Global 200. The single results from DJ Riton discovering the duo on social media, then deciding to sample MK’s remix of the Nightcrawlers’ song Push The Feeling On. It is currently certified silver in the UK, with over 200,000 units sold.

4. Pop Rock

Next up is Pop-Rock repped by The Kid Laroi. Born Charlton Howard on August 17th, 2003, this Australian native is currently ranking the charts at number 24. The song in question is Without You a Pop-Rock song from the artist’s debut mixtape F*ck Love. With the single certified as platinum on many major markets, it is a clear sign that audiences are clamoring for more of the Pop-Rock crossover. And if you DARE to say that is Rap, go chew on ice.

3. Folk

Folk, unexpectedly, has enough of a strong following to make into mainstream ranking as the 3rd most popular genre outside the US. The success of Wellerman by Scottish folk artist Nathan Evans is a testament to its mass appeal. The song currently ranks at number 16 on the Billboard Global 200, with almost 20 million views on YouTube on the lyric video alone.

2. EDM

No party scene is complete without some EDM to boot. Ever since its introduction in the late eighties, the genre continues to push on and establish its place in music genres’ upper echelons. Among those in the crusade is Dutch DJ Tiesto. His song The Business is being heavily favored by many curator playlists. Accordingly, Billboard’s Global 200 list has it at number 15.

1. K-Pop

Finally, the top genre most popular outside the US is K-Pop. The South Korean boy band BTS is always hard at work blessing you with their captivating songs. In doing so, they almost always appear in the top 15 in the big majority of global charts. Similarly, their song Dynamite debuted at number 1 on the Hot 100. The real crazy part? If you played this record after Bruno’s 24K Magic, you’d think this is his cousin singing. And… the video amassed over an entire billion views in 7 months! HOW???

Written by Allan Mwachanga
Edited by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment ©2021

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