5 Times You Should NOT Collaborate With Another Artist

While collab songs usually bring double the exposure you’re used to, there are times when working with another artist might be detrimental to your career. A project that implies common effort from two different individuals must be treated with utmost care and planning. Read below to find out what are the 5 times you should steer clear from jumping on a song with someone else.

5. You Don’t Actually Enjoy The Other Artist’s Music

photo by @theyshane

In this business, you might be able to talk yourself into doing something but you will NEVER be able to lie with your energy to the public. Music clicks with human beings and animals alike because there’s almost a magical factor to it. And yes, animals love music as well. If you can’t sincerely profess your admiration for the collaborator’s craft, don’t waste his or your time. When you’re not a thousand percent into something, when your eyes don’t shimmer with light and vibrance, the whole thing comes out bleak and uninteresting. Worse, if the other artist does like your music but the feelings are not reciprocated, he/she will feel duped and will stop supporting you altogether. Nothing feels more frustrating than paying someone to work with you and they NEVER again reach out to you after the fact. Tsk tsk.

4. You Two Are Way Too Similar In Style

Musical style that is. If you’re both male rappers of the same ethnicity, coming from the same city, same educational background, don’t. You both need to bring something unique to the table that will serve you right in the long run. You have to come up with a product that makes you both shine but individually. Don’t believe us? Take a hint from Beyonce’s rules on collaborating. When you both transmit an energy and sound that is much too similar to each other, people will forget your song faster than you can say collaboration.

3. You Got No Plan Or Budget Laid Out For Promoting The Record

Photo by Kelly Sikkema

Look buddy, you might be excited out of your mind to collaborate with X and Y artist but… do you know how you’ll get attention to it? How you’ll promote it other than a basic IG post? How you’ll split the royalties? How you’ll perform the record without your collaborators in case of a future live show? This is the true headache of putting out a song with more than just yourself. And the biggest drawback is… if this collaboration flops, your future prospects will suffer too. When you’re an upcoming artist, every release matters and you want this joint to have a chance to survive and thrive. Your next associate may want nothing to do with you when he looks back and sees you got the fewest streams on your collab record.

2. You Don’t Like The Actual Song

photo by Ivan Aleksic

So what if you sincerely enjoy your collaborator’s music, you are different in styles, you also got your pockets and your plan right, but you don’t like the record itself??? Well… time to change it! There’s no other way to put this. If you don’t like the record, don’t do it. No matter how beneficial it may be for your credibility, biography, clout, don’t jump on a ship you believe from the getgo it will sink. How are you supposed to promote something that makes you cringe or turn down the volume? Makes no sense, so make no time for it.

1. Your First Instinct Was NO

Look, sometimes you don’t need all the logic to be there but if your gut initially told you no, there must be a good reason for it. For explanations you don’t yet understand, your brain works at marvelous speeds and decides in a fraction of a second, based on all your years of recorded data, what’s a go and what’s a no. If all your logic says yes but your first reaction was no, go with the second. In the music business, it’s better to regret that you haven’t done something than to regret something you did and can’t fix.

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