B.D.C. by DaBeautifulKey, The Definition Of Refined, Feminine Rap

DaBeautifulKey’s B.D.C. record flaunts a particularly vivid sense of self-worth with emphasis on the feminine attributes. It is fun, twerkable, dedicated to the ladies, and is a nice counterbalancing statement to the mysogyny many male rappers display in mainstream media. Since they insist on women being buyable, DaBeautifulKey is here to set the price, terms, and conditions while schooling people on investing in acres and getting out of rentals.

The first seconds of B.D.C. show the influence of that classic 90’s R&B sound and DaBeautifulKey follows, as a matter of fact, with a dedication that confirms the time and sonic space of her inspiration: “Where my 90’s babies at? this one’s for you.” The shout out, as a 90’s baby, is appreciated ⭐

Proceeding with a simple, clear, pleasing-to-the-ear flow, the artist takes charge of the beat: “I’m a thick fine caramel/ You can call me Foxy/ All the money in the world/ Bae bet you couldn’t cop me/ All the city girls hold me down tight cause they love me/ Left cheek, right cheek/ Got you ripe, bet you want me!” The City Girls reference is astutely placed for the cadence does carry tinges of Twerk.

One of the coolest things happening in verse one is the stripping of instruments that matches the following bars: “When ya girl walk through/ Nobody make a sound,” giving off the effect of someone walking in slow motion. Neat touch! DaBeautifulKey picks up the flow again but this time with a more melodic and lavish delivery rendering the second part of the verse a mighty catchy one. “Now you can look me up and down if you want to/ But if you reach baby Imma invoice you/ I be popping popping popping p*ssy cause I want to/ Got plenty reasons lil h*e, just do you.

The hook is an uninhibited focus on the dollars, having the word money repeated five times and then sealed with a group statement, we get. This straightforward structure crystallizes DaBeautifulKey’s motto, Bout Dat Cash. In her own words: “This song is a celebration of my life and my accomplishments. Cherishing family and boasting about accolades while having fun with friends!” And fun it is indeed.

The second verse starts off rather hilarious with DaBeautifulKey emphasizing that she’s not trying to be instagram-famous but rather deliver gushy value on a worthy bank exchange. And if Kevin Samuels can freely preach on a global scale about high value men not cheating but rather exercising their options, then DaBeautifulKey is a smart business woman.

The song concludes the 2 minutes and 50 seconds fun twerking party with the hook and several phone-like ad-libs by the artist. Interestingly how she pulls off sounding charming and alluring even when only making use of few words.

DaBeautifulKey’s B.D.C appeal is equitably owed to the artist’s natural sex appeal that oozes with every bar and to the spotless post production applied to the instrumental and vocals. It’s a record that deserves appreciation for its refined, feminine style of rapping. Something that the industry has plenty of room for and as by Cardi B’s success, is in high demand.

Song Credits: Kierra Taylor (DaBeautifulKey) – Artist, Songwriter; Chris Jordan (MixedbyChris) – Sound Engineer. 

Support this excellent artist by adding B.D.C. on Apple Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, on Amazon HERE, on YouTube Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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