Faded by Muse-Sic, Graduating From Partying To Hit Songwriting

Whether to call them our favorite villains or heroes, it’s a 50/50 debate, but they sure as hell make waves whenever they show up. This time, the Muse-Sic Hip Hop trio, took on the industry-overplayed partying activity and turned it into a lavish and brilliant earworm record rightfully named Faded. Ekko, one of the members, shares the part-poetic part-hilarious inception of the song: “Well… I was pregaming at the house before going to a bar and I heard the beat. I penned the hook in less than five minutes. I then wrote part of the verse and of course, off to the bar I went! I wrote the rest of the verse in between pool matches. I recorded the song that same day while feeling the after effects of being faded AF.

Initially, the only hint of a Hip Hop song is the ad-lib going “yeah, yeah.” The breezy synth as well as the acoustic guitar rather lean towards a house-like production. But only for 12 seconds. “We getting f*cked up faded on a daily/ We never sober thought I’d tell you again/ …/ You didn’t really think we ever gon change/ …/ Pass the blunt around and gimme a drank/ …/ We getting f*cked up faded on a daily,” goes the deep, cooler-than-your-chains voice of Ekko. From the jump, we have to give credit to the group for the more-than-perceivable quality ascension when compared even to our second favorite release of theirs, Voices. Because now Faded took the top spot. The voice is immaculately placed alongside the instrumental and the melodic line of the record seems almost intentionally crafted for the artist and not viceversa. In short, you’d never guess the music came first and lyrics second.

Ekko, ladies and gents, albeit being faded as per his confession, goes to flaunt technical competence and kills the verse: “Pop a couple pills don’t care you like it or not/ But the party don’t start until I get a shot/ Put a double in my hand, who’s got a bag of the crop?/ Ayo it’s Ekko a professional astronaut.” The first bars were a mere introduction to this artist’s ability of going into character. Note the palpable indifference resounding in his voice from that moment on. Sort of like the ideal moment he’d slip into that half-cut venetian mask that Muse-Sic are so well known for.

After some more sick bars from Ekko and the ice-cold hook, in comes E-Klipz: “Pregaming on my own, getting started with my Soco/ Drinking all alone, still be makin toast though/ Got a couple rolled, now I’m bout to smoke so/ I can set the tone, before I bounce like a pogo.” Abiding by the same lyrical inclination as Ekko, seems the real-life story is somewhat of a common ground for Faded: “I was sitting down to write, going through our project files and stumbled upon this one as I was just starting to drink some Southern Comfort. Once I started, it was fairly fluid as getting Faded is something we are all really familiar with haha!” 😀 Now E-Klipz’s flow is something else… Imagine a yo-yo going up in your hand, then down and you get that split second when it rotates while extended to the maximum. That is E-Klipz’s cadence. And it’s dope. He makes it work in his favor and the result is fabulous! He also employs a stop-moment at around 01:47 and that just proves his songwriting abilities for it adds to his grand attitude. Cool, cool, cool.

The third verse belongs to none other than Pariah and he does the awesomest thing of including his group mate’s name: “Twist that cap off the bottle man already knowin I done rolled up/ Muse-Sic in the green room feelin wavy they be like like hold up/ This sh*t ain’t nothin new it’s something like a tradition/ Eklipz on an adventure another funky expedition (where you goin bro?).” Speaking of, this is what the artist had to say on the matter: “My inspiration is literally every day pretty much – it’s an escape from reality along with the music honestly… That E-Klipz on an adventure is a true story too lol I think he is the basis for that Hobbit meme!” These three are on a roll 😀 As for the third man, he brings yet another variation in style and flow to the song. Pariah’s approach strongly hints of the likes of Tech N9ne, a blend between chopper flow and ’90s sped up boom-bap rap.

Pariah then progresses to beautifully elevate the meaning of Faded into something rather everlasting, drawing comparisons between the group’s star quality and the sky itself: “Like an out of body situation with Muse-Sic elevation/ Let the stars align and redefine astral projection/ Hyperventilation so we just steady leaving em breathless/ Like a bubbler hit the stage and started kickin’ in chestses.” That’s how you wrap things up with a bang dear fellow artists.

Faded is craftily assembled to catch on from the first hook and it makes excellent use of three different rhyming schemes belonging to probably the three coolest individuals in the underground sphere right now.

Song Credits: Ekko (Seth Breeden), E-Klipz (Scott Breeden), Pariah (Joseph Mooney) – Artists, Songwriters; Anno Domini Nation (Adrian Boeckeler) – Music Producer.

Make sure you support Muse-Sic by adding Faded to your Pregame Playlist on Apple Music HERE, on Tidal HERE, on Deezer HERE, on Amazon Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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