F*ck Love by JxBreeze, When Flipping Your Ex Turns Into A Rap Triumph

Today’s record comes from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and as you’ve read the title, it is one hell of an emotionally charged song. JxBreeze is displaying a strong commercial appeal very early in his career with F*ck Love (it’s his first music video) as the song represents a superb work that’s both catchy and brutally straightforward. From comparing his ex to satan, saying she was as dangerous as Mexican cartels, and suggesting she pick up a career on Broadway, JxBreeze invites us to a lyrical feast while the music reaches high-class production levels. We wholeheartedly approve.

The incipient steel drum rendition reverberates with an extraordinary power hinting of something sweet and commensurably intense. Rather an ideal encapsulation of the title before we even got to hear the artist. The drums then land loud and clear the same moment JxBreeze sets off rapping: “Over here making sad songs feeling pathetic/ Heartbeat slow and slower, man I need a medic/ To write me a prescription for the strongest bottle on the shelf/ Alcohol intoxication introducing me to death.” The artist employs a masterful and expressive approach to delivering his feelings of vulnerability. The use of the word death is a grave indication of the growing anxiety and emotional pain the failed relationship has caused. The fact that JxBreeze follows up with a satan comparison, “Relationship with satan/ She put me through hell,” only adds to the elaborate scenery awakened from the first bars.

The artist’s flow flirts with singing without slipping into mumble singing, the latest trend in the business. Somehow JxBreeze’s vocals survived the artificial enhancement in post production and his words are clearly distinguishable and on-pitch without sounding like some cousin of Saint Jhn’s. This is where we give props to the sound engineer who is… JxBreeze! Yes, you read that correctly. The man of the hour is both an artist and an astute sound engineer.

The hook is well-balanced, grand in narrative, but astonishingly minimalistic in its construct. The rapper commands the beat as he doesn’t follow the melodic line but rather builds one of his own parallel to the instrumental: “Now you push me to the point I’m like: F*ck love!/ It’s okay if you wanted to give up/ F*cked around and wasted my time/ Now I’m like f*ck love! F*ck love! When asked what inspired him to pen this eccentric record, JxBreeze stated exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment: “It’s kinda crazy. My guy, KJ, came up here from out of town one weekend and we got buzzed. As I was lamenting about my breakups in the form of freestyles, he told me I should just go make a song called F*ck Love. I took his advice and I channeled all my thoughts from one particular relationship that I thought was going somewhere. Well, that ended sooner than I thought tbh. If you listen, you can catch a lot of Anime punchlines, from Deathnote to One Piece. Then I got a lot of positive feedback on this track, as initially it was just one of the 12 songs under the project named Until We Meet Again. With that being said, sometimes you need to learn self love before you love someone else. Oh and f*ck love right now.” Message received! 😀 Seems the personality is as blunt as the song.

The second verse is the one where we get the Anime references: “Can’t break a soul that’s already broke/ We was going through some toxic sh*t, I should have spoke/ Too many daggers in my back, where is my cloak?/ Shinigami appear put her signature in the Death Note.” The bars show something interesting though. There was trauma present before the relationship burned. Is that where the self love that JxBreeze talked about was missing?

The last part of the song is equally as moody and poetic as the previous narative development: “Guess we never got alone like a noun and an adjective/ 8 month trial how the f*ck could we make up?/ When you said you needed space it sounded like a breakup.” The more the artist raps, the more he allienates himself from the beat turning the outro almost into spoken word. And just when you think he’ll start talking from now on, JxBreeze reverts to the hook pulling you back into the vibe. Whether this was done consciously or not, we don’t know. But it is rare for us to encounter someone as confident to play so much with the flow.

To summarize, F*ck Love is a brilliant reinterpretation of the age-old, artist-favored topic, heartbreak. Acoustically, it conveys the beautiful experience of an ordered chaos led by a most poetic and Anime-fan Rap artist, JxBreeze.

 Julius Yarbrough (JxBreeze) – Artist, Songwriter, Sound Engineer; David Linhof – Music Producer.

Make sure you support the creative, unapologetic talent of JxBreeze by adding F*ck Love to your playlist Apple Music HERE, on YouTube Music HERE, on Amazon HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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