Stamina by Mac-Gee, The Birth Of A Star

Songs like this make you wanna raise a toast just for the sheer appreciation of high-quality artists. All the way from Las Vegas, Nevada, Mac-Gee has summoned pure boldness and grandeur on his single, Stamina. The Rap record achieves a premium marriage of elegant acoustics and stupendous yet simple visuals.I wrote this song based off the frustration and anger I was feeling at that time. I was super depressed and using substances to deal with it all. I wanted to make a song that would silence all my haters and doubters,” shares Mac-Gee exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment. Well Daniel, you’ve done way more than that with that green nail polish.

It’s not just the haters and doubters that went silent. It was also all our sense of self-confidence that slid way into the back of the room when we first watched the music video for Stamina. And dare we say, most readers and fans will stumble upon the same realization. Seriously. Only two seconds in you get to witness Mac-Gee’s electrifying presence: silver-colored stacked necklaces, bracelets, long earrings, a massive turquoise ring, a buttoned-down aquamarine shirt (like all the way down!), one lip and two nose piercings, black-framed glasses, and of course, that neon green nail polish! If you’ve ever wondered what Jay Z meant when he said he knew Rihanna was going to be a star the first time she walked into the room, well now you know exactly what that feels like. You’re watching a star.

The early ah-ah ad-libs are menacing and complementary to the acoustic experience kicking off in the background. As soon as that animalistic leggo hits, the beat drops: “Pop me two Perks sippin’ this Henny and I go berserk/ N***** be talkin’ like dey bout dat work but dey ain’t bout dat work so n**** what’s up?” The rapper’s voice is linear, deep, and holds the instrumental together the same way a groove bass does a Rock record. The deliberate lack of harmonies or any adorning elements (with the exception of the few ad-libs) serves the narrative right as the stance is one of challenge and not partying. The music and the voice mirror each other seamlessly.

And then you get to meet the very definition of being explicit: “Ridin’ in something like a demon these p*ssy ass n***** come up with plans like kenan but they all be schemin’/ Have ya b*tch sucking on my penis now she guzzlin’ all of my semen/ N***** be runnin’ amok blow them down then f*ck on they sl*t/ Give her rounds then pass her to bruh yall p*ssy n***** know what’s up.” We wonder if Shakespeare would find this revolting enough to get to studying it. Very probable.

Mac-Gee then follows up with an equally faithful representation of a cutthroat genius: “My chain vvs’s is all in my rang/ Count a hunnid at the top of the hour at the end we count it again/ Y’all n***** know we not the same the streets talkin’ and they sayin’ da same/ Y’all n***** b*tch, h*es, p*ssy and lames/ Listen close as I’m givin’ you game/ N***** be talkin’ like they hard but they ain’t that hard lil n**** I’m god I feel like the mob.” The artist pragmatically and gradually builds the lyrical content adding new details and threats to the existing topic without jumping to another one. Something that even experienced artists struggle with. The song is sh*tting on naysayers from start to end, no exceptions.

If the first verse was all about that rapid flow, the second verse slows down and presents us with a rollercoaster-like delivery: “Amazing in grace/ I buss on her face/ She lovin’ da taste/ She swallow my kids/ She goes to your place/ She give you a kiss/ You a total disgrace/ I’m feeling it up in da sky wit da millions/ F*ck a cop yeah I’m speeding past on my way to get a billion.” Peep that comical moment in the music video at “she give you a kiss.” We promise it’s the best facial expression you’ll have seen today 😀

With the arrival of the second part of the song, the beat also comes to shine and the dramatic ascent and descent of the main synth becomes ever so important, adding to the gravitas tenfold and helping Mac-Gee crystallize his narrator intentions. They work in tandem building a common empirial perspective.

Mac-Gee then wraps up the song with hard-edged precision and growing stress on keeping your business to yourself: “Never waste my time never waste a bag/ Never talk to a b*tch dat always beg/ Never trust a n**** never trust a b*tch/ Never tell them when you gonna hit a lick/ Never never never never never never let’em know when you goin’ on a trip/ Always stay to yourself n**** get money and f*ck b*tches.” Speaking of business… the man got noticed by Nick Cannon on Instagram who not only liked his music and posts but also directly shouted Mac-Gee out and played his track. Mac-Gee says the two are in contact with each other and hinted upon some possible common effort.

As strong as Mac-Gee comes on in Stamina, he pairs his baleful lyricism with sleek production, a commercially appealing melodic line, and simple yet opulent, innovative visuals that cement his bonafide star quality.

Song Credits: Daniel McGee JR (Mac-Gee) – Artist, Songwriter, Sound Engineer; Juan Esteban Diaz Popayan (Cuz Zaid) – Music Producer.

Make sure you support Mac-Gee by adding Stamina to your playlists on Apple Music HERE, on Amazon HERE, on YouTube Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, on Tidal HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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